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Hi. I am a new resident in Ile de France and need to register with a Doctor and also looking for a Dentist - not necessarily native English speakers but with a good level of English. I don't mind travelling in / around Paris region. Can anyone make any recommendations please?

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as the topic says really, im looking for an english speaking dermatologist. i live in versailles so anywhere around that area would be great.thanks!

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Hi,I am of the understanding that most, if not all of the swimming pools in Paris have the policy where men have to were speedos, and cannot go swimming in normal swim-shorts. Is this true? If so, why is this? I enjoy swimming but I really draw the line at wearing speedos, so its a bit annoying for me. If anyone can shed some light on this, I'd appreciate it.Thanks,Ross

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Hi -looking for an english speaking doctor (preferrably native speaker) for general women's health. Thanks H 

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Hello, I'm living in the Marias area (3rd) and looking for a beautician for waxing, pedicures, manicures ect. I can't find one ANYWHERE. Anyone have any ideas? Diane

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Hey, I've recently moved over to Paris from Scotland and BADLY need to get in shape (way too many pastry shops here for my bum and tum's liking!). I'm living in the Marais area so something around there would be ideal. The gyms are too expensive so looking for classes out with an actual gym. HELP! Diane

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Is there any place in Paris that does an American style pedicure. I don't mean the medical ones.

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I need to find a good dentist and would ideally love to find someone who was trained in the States. I live in the Oise, but can travel to Paris if necessary. Hope someone can help. Thanks.

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My family and i will be in Paris for several months this year, living in the 16th. We are looking for English speaking MDs, for adults and kids. Also, how far is the American Hospital? Feel free to email, dixonrad@hotmail.com thx, Joe

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Hi All, It is coming to that time where I am needing to get my hair cut & coloured (highlights) for the first time in Paris. I am looking for advise or recommendations please. I would prefer, English speaking and not to have to pay an arm & a leg! Please let me know if you know somewhere. Thanks Saz

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Dear All,I would be grateful if someone can recommend a English-speaking dentist in Rueil Malmaison.Given the rules of the forum please send your responses only bye email to s_arcot@hotmail.comsarcot

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Hello everybody, Does anyone know if you can get Solpadeine in Paris? Is it possible it is known under a different trade name?

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