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Can anyone help with time frame for getting my Carte.  Sent all the necessary documents incl photo to CPAM in March.  No carte as of 1st Sept. Added my husband to my mutuelle and CPAM in July and he received his card yesterday - frustration doesnt quite describe the way I am feeling. HR dept at my company is hopeless, you would think they have never had a non-French person working for them! Any suggustions greatly appreciated

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Hi, My husband and I together with our baby just moved to Courbevoie La Defense. We are looking for a pediatrician and a general doctor who can speak English and are near in La Defense. Kindly send me your info to my email add: ginalynmgalarce@live.com Would really appreciate your help. My baby needs to be checked up this month. Thanks!

started by: KathrynI · last update: 1433594354 · posted: 1433545016

I am looking for an English speaking dermatologist to do a skin cancer check. I am in the 6th arr. so preferably someone close by if possible. Many thanks! Kat

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My French is not good. I have a good English-speaking doctor near Trocadero but I am hoping to find someone closer to GUY MOQUET in the 18arr, 17arr or 9arr. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

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Hi, I am an adult with really bad swimming skills. I would like to get a private instructor to help me improve. Could you please let me know where I could find instructors. Thanks A

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Bonjour! My partner and I are moving to Paris from the UK this Friday (ahhhhhhh!!) and I am looking for an English-speaking beginners yoga class. We are going to be living in the 16th, bordering the 8th so around that area would be ideal but I'll happily hop on the metro too! Does anybody know of any English-speaking yoga centres until I get my french up to scratch?!  Thank you in advance! 

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Hi, I'm trying to find a good colourist in Paris (I'm in the 17th). I have tried Toni&Guy (Courcelles) and have too many misses to continue going back. They just fon't know how to hightlight hair.  Anyone know of someone/salon that really can highlight hair? Thanks for your help!

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I just moved to Paris and can't afford the American or British hospital as I only have the most basic health insurance. If anyone can suggest an English speaking doctor outside of those two hospitals I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi guys, I live in Puteaux and desperately trying to find a English speaking general practitioner nearby, I would really appreciate it if somebody can give me some tips. Generaliste in Courbevoie is fine too if there isn't any in Puteaux. Thanks a lot!! Here is my email address: yangy8@miamioh.edu

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URGENT!!!! REGARDING TRAVEL INSURANCE TO AMERICA FROM FRANCE/ I am travelling to America for 5 months this Sat Sept 27th and will take a couple of different flights and need to find inexpensive travel insurance. Am 60 years old. My credit card will only cover 3months away. Also, may have pre existing condtion. ANY IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS....,???????? Thank you, EI  

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I've been having chronic pain for over a year now with a herniated disc, that neither gp/physio or osteo have helped (indeed in some cases they have made things definitely worse)   I was wondering whether anyone can recommend a sports doctor as I'm running out of idea and energy with this.   thanks  

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Hello, does anyone know where I can purchase dermalogica products, here in Paris? Thanks

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If anyone can email me an English speaking GP around Plaisir or Versailles or Rambouillet areas, I'd be grateful. Thanks

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Hello, I asked this question a little while ago but I didnt get any replies, so I just thought id post it again to see if anyone can help me this time. Im looking for a good homeopath in paris for my children, preferably english speaking, but it doesnt matter if not, does anyone happen to know of one please? Thank you again in advance

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Hello, I'm a German citizen living and working in Paris and am looking for health insurance coverage until I get my sécurité sociale and carte vitale sorted out. All the medical aid options for foreigners I've seen so far are travel insurance and require you to have a primary address outside France. When I moved here permanently I had to deregister mine with the German authorities. Does anyone know of a good plan that would cover me for the next 3 to 6 months? I'm currently paying my medical costs myself and I get reimbursed by my German insurer, but only for a fraction of the costs and they're unable to give me an answer about how much longer I'll have coverage now that I've started working here. Thanks in advance for your help. AK

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Hello, im looking for an english speaking or english homeopath in paris for my children, the closer to the 19arr the better. Ive checked the angloinfo directory but nothings coming up, does anyone happen to know of one please? Thank you in advance

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In New York we have BEST BUY but where do I go in Paris to find a discount  small electrical appliance outlet? I want to by a mans electric bodygroom razor. Any suggestions?

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Need a dentist to make new false teeth , have full CPU 

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American food and travel writer Aurelia D'Andrea will discuss her new book and serve some veggie delights at this gathering in the 13e. Friday, 28 march at 19h30. Reservations by return mail only.

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Please can someone assist me with locating a good english speaking doctor in Courbevoie and or near to La Defense, I understand details cannot be posted here, so please e-mail me at  - jacquee.spano@gmail.com

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