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Hello, I am trying to find an alternative formula for Jevity 1.5 nutrion formula which is not available in France. Any suggestions appreciuated. Thanks. C

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Hi All,I'm looking for some advice to do with dentists....Basically I've had a pain in my tooth for a few days now and am thinking it's time to see a dentist, only I don't know how the system works here....I've been here for about 2 years now but haven't received my Carte Vitale yet, I have a E111 (or is it an EHIC?) , but luckily haven't had any reason to see a doc so far.First of all where do I look for a dentist?And is it expensive? How much are we talking? - I really can't afford much !!I'd be grateful for any advice / experiences!Cheers, 

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We just changed to a new opthalmist, as the previous one was way too expensive. At the first appointment she asked for some information which is in the possession of he old opthalmist.  Do we have a right to the files, and is he allowed to charge a fee for suppling the information? if anyone has any experience of this, please let me know.

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Hello,   I just arrived in Paris, and I was wondering if anyone can recommend good gyms, preferably in either the 11th or the 5th arrondissement. I have noticed the "Club Med" and "Les Cercles de la Forme" chains, but the info online seems inconclusive. I would be very grateful for any advice. I used to go to the original YMCA gym in London, just off Tottenham Court Road, which was just a brilliant gym! I do not dare to hope that a French equivalent actually exists ... but if ...!   Many thanks, David

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As we are moving offices I'd like to try and find a gym somewhere in the 16th which is recommended - I had previous experiences with some clubs which weren't great and had joined one in Port Marly but the commuting is too long...any recommendations? thanks

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Come join our mailng lists for free bilingual conferences on the subjects of: health, nutrition, well-being and spirituality with leaders in their fields; all held in the cosy confines of an apt. in the 13e. Join: house.talks@yahoo.com Site: www.housetalks.weebly.com

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My dentist of 25 years has left Paris for 3 years and now I am looking for a new one.  Could someone please message me if they know a dentist (preferably female), who is very gentle (I'm a baby when it comes to dentists), cleans teeth also manually instead of using machines for the whole process, speaks English, and is NOT on any Embassy list.  I would prefer someone who was trained abroad, but if that's not possible, so be it.  My husband refused to go to my dentist because she was expensive so he tried many French dentists and they were all awful.  He finally went to mine and couldn't believe the difference.  Needless to say he stuck with her.  So we are both looking for a dentist and I am to be the guinea pig.  Thanks.

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Just noticed that Ashtanga Yoga have an open house on Sunday 15th, looks like fun ! http://paris.angloinfo.com/whatson/featured/26260  

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To re-new my French year-long VISA, I need to purchase Shengen-approved health insurance. I am 74 years old. The best price I can get is about 550 euros. This is insurance I will never use because if anything serious happened to me, I would go back to the USA but unfortunately, I need a certificate that says I have this insurance. I am hoping someone will have a suggestiuon which will help me to obtain a better price.

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Hello! Would anyone happen to know if there is a CPR/AED training course in Paris that is available in English? I have heard that there is a bimonthly class offered at the American Church. If anyone has any further information, please let me know. It is much appreciated!

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Im finding it expensive seeing specialists for a number of problems...someone says there is a hospital or medical centre near the trocadero? Has anyone heard of it or have any info? Thanks

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Are there any qualified Anglophone speech therapists/path working in this field in Paris who can offer advice on how they got through all the paperwork to practice here? I took the plunge and moved to Paris 6 months ago to continue the long distance relationship i was having with mon mec francais and considering times are tough right now especially in Paris im under no illusions that it may be years if ever that I could work as a SP here but perspective and advice from others would be appreciated

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Does anyone know if chameleon fitness center is still open. I cant get to there website?

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Is personal training in demand in Paris?

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Hello, can anyone recommend a good holistic dentist in Paris? Thanks.

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Je recherche un ou une orthophoniste anglais(e) exerçant à Paris. Savez-vous auprès de quel organisme je pourrais obtenir cette information? Merci par avance pour vos réponses.

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Hi All, Can someone please send me the details of a good english speaking female doctor in Paris or the 92 area? I speak a little French but would like to find an English speaking doctor. Thanks for your help. A

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im in my sixties, a retireed teacher/:journalist and have had pd for a few years; I would be interested to meet other people for support and to find singing or movement exercise classes in Paris; i live in 15th arrondissement with french  partner; Tried the parkinsons movement heere -they just said to ask my doctor who d oesnt know;  I gave up on neurlogists ad just go for natural healing;

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Hello,   I'm in need of some advice regarding my work situation. I'm currently taking time off work due to illness. Is there any way I can claim some sort of benefit whilst I'm not working? I'm an auto- entrepreneur.   Many thanks

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Are there any fitness classes in the St-Germain area starting after 5pm?

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