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I am trying to locate an English speaking dentist anywhere within Paris. If you have one that you like or know of one, please feel free to email me through my profile. Thank you,David

started by: Riablo · last update: 1331733405 · posted: 1320330318

Hi I was just wondering if anyone had any recommendations for where to go for laser eye surgery in France. Ideally English speaking, but quality of medical care most important.

started by: BR-92085 · last update: 1328176514 · posted: 1328120434

Hi everyone - I've done a number on my knee and am in search of a Physical Therapist, preferably near the 6th. Please email me if you have any leads. Thank you for your help - bethanyinparis@gmail.com

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MEDICAL INSURANCE - I am a New York man spending more and more time in France. Although I have Medicare A, B and Supplemental in the US, I understand that I have to have a year's insurance in France in order to get a carte se jour. I would appreciate suggestions of insurance companies that would cover doctors visits and hospitalization.

started by: mgebrian · last update: 1326139043 · posted: 1324122608

Hi,I'm new to Paris and I need to see a gynecologist somewhat urgently. I don't speak French, so I'm looking for a recommendation of a good, English-speaking gynecologist here in Paris. You can email me at mgebrian@yahoo.com.Thank you!

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Hi, I am looking for an English speaking dermatologist in Paris to took at some scars on my leg. Any tips you could send me would be much appreciated! thanks

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Hi, Does anyone know of a gents hairdressers or barber in St Germain en Laye who speaks English? My French is not good enough yet to explain how I would like my hair cut and it would be easier for now (until my French improves) to go to someone who speaks English?Thanks for any advice.

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Recently diagnosed with one side of body parkinsons-does anyone know anyone to help cure/slow it down naturally? Looking at causes by pollution etc. Do not want to take strong drugs withut trying alternative routes. Also of some physio in water? or exercise classes or groups in Paris?

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Hello folks,My partner is pregnant just over 3 months now and she has been seeing the usual medical practioners. I am aware that only a certain amount is refunded but we have been paying quite a bit recently and although we hand over the Carte Vitale each time we have only seen one payment hit our bank account.Is this normal? Does the CPAM take this long to refund your money?Thanks for your advice,Damian

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Hello to all, I know this subject has already been tackled several times so I apologize beforehand.I am currently living in Malakoff (92 - bordering the 15th district of Paris) and am looking for an english speaking general practitioner for my companion.Does anyone know of any nearby Malakoff (Malakoff, Vanves, Châtillon, Montrouge) or in the South districts of Paris (14, 15, 13, 6, 7) ?Thanks in advance.Antoine

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Hello If anyone would like to contribute to walking guides please would you send me details of looped walks that you have enjoyed. You can post to www.kerrydwyer.net.Thankyou.

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I think I have an infection in one eye that needs treatment... In the US I would go to the eye doctor I purchase my glasses from, but it seems that the optical shops in France are just selling glasses and don't actually have doctors on site? Can anyone recommend an English speaking ophthalmologist in the Paris area that I could contact? In browsing the forum, I see that you can't post their name directly, so if you do have any advice I'd greatly appreciate it if you could send me a message.Thanks!

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I am heading to central Paris at the weekend after a long stint in rural France and fancy treating myself to a stylish haircut. It seems that the main chains I have looked at online charge anthing upwards of 75E for cut and blowdry. Can anyone recommend a salon more around the E40-50 mark or is that simply not possible?! Thanks, Vanessa

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Hi there,I am searching for a pilates class in English, preferably near Saint Germain en Laye or Marly-le-Roi.I have searched the web but am having no luck in finding anything. If anyone knows of a class please let me know!Many thanksL Grant

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Hi, I'm currently living in La Rochelle and have been trying to search for a chiropractor to help me with an ongoing hip problem. The other problem is that there are only a few that practice here. Does anyone know a chiropractor here or an Osteopath as they seem to be in great supply, that they could recommend? Or should I just go to Paris? An English speaking chiro would be nice as it's a complicated problem and my french is not that good yet.MerciLee

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I am looking for a generaliste and an orthopaedics specialist-for hand and shoulder problems, in Paris preferably who speaks english. I live in the 15th. If you know of one could you email me at hpway2002@yahoo.com Thank you.

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I have found a friendly English speaking Avon rep in Noisy Le Grand. If you are interested contact me and I will pass on her details.

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Hello, I'm looking for an english speaking gynecologist in Paris near the 16th district or Boulogne.If you have any recommendations, please email me.Thanks in advance!Christiane

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Hi. I wonder if anyone know any Tantric Yoga Courses here . I would love to join one. Thanks so much if you can help.

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shopping for medicine -online pharmacies -delivery to France - any recommendations? Hi, I've never bought meds from online pharmacies. I would like to hear any recommendations from people who have. Delivery would be in France. I am mostly interested to shop around because of price. Is there a large risk of fraud? Anything to avoid? Successful experiences? Thanks in advance.

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