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Hello ex pats! I have been looking and looking for a gym that is within walking distance from my home on Kleber, and all I've found is one in the Majestic Hotel, which costs 3500 per year!! Ouch!! Does anyone know of a good gym near me, with good treadmills? I'm a keen runner, have done 2 marathons, but I know myself: I won't train outdoors in winter, and really need a gym! Many thanks

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Hi,I have decided that i would like to do the 2012 Paris marathon on april 15th.Does anyone know of a running club that i could join, or is anyone else interested in meeting up to jog together.Look forward to hearing from anyone.Letitia

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Hi, I am looking for an endocronologist/thyroid specialist (english speaking would be great). I have been seeing a general practisioner but we seem not to be making progress. I feel so ill and all he says is "it is because of your thyroid". He has said that there is no need to see one but I would really like to see one. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hello, I'm trying to find an english-speaking dentist (conventionné preferred). If anyone could give suggest a good one in zone 1 or 2 it would be great. Many thanks in advance.my email is: tiago.cpais@gmail.com

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Hello,Like most people, I'm looking for a doctor who is either Anglophone or speaks (at least understands) English. While my French is good and I have gone to French doctors, for the long-run (or until my French becomes excellent) I'd much rather be able to express myself when I'm sick and have the person understand me.I am looking for a GP in either Maisons-Laffitte/Le Mesnil le Roi or Sartrouville or Houilles.Any help would be really appreciated.Thanks!

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Dear all, My friend and colleague's husband needs medical assistance and I offered to post on this board to see if anyone would be able to send us any recommendations about doctors and hospitals to contact in case the situation develops into an emergency. Contact information for hospitals, general practitioners, dermatologists, and dentists is especially welcome. I know that several people have already posted on this topic, but since people are not allowed to post names and contact details on the forum pursuant to French law, I was hoping someone would be able to e-mail them to us.We have of course already been in contact with consulates but any personal recommendation would be very helpful.Thank you so much for your kind assistance and consideration!

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Jenny Green successfully completed her journey by mobility buggy from central Paris to central London! Nine days of travelling, up to 8 hours per day on her buggy, coping with heat, gale force winds, rain, not to mention sheer exhaustion. Jenny's two sons Mark & Bobby cycled all the way from Paris to London with her, and on reaching the English coast other family members and friends joined in.The object of Jenny's journey? To raise funds for research into MND (Motor Neurone Disease) which currently has neither treatment nor cure.To learn more about Jenny and her Challenges, visit www.jennygreenchallenge.org and please consider making a donation to her fund, no matter how small. Every centime counts!Thank you to Angloinfo for your support,Jill

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Hi there,Does anybody know of an English speaking osteopath who is based either in Yvelines or Paris?I need someone who has appointments available either at weekends or late evenings all days of the week.I have already contacted the English Medical Centre in Saint Germain en Laye but their Osteopath only has limited appointments at certain times/ days.Feel free to contact me if you know of anyone!Cheers

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Meetings will take place twice monthly on Tuesdays at lunch hour. First meeting will take place next Tuesday, May 17, from 12:30 - 2:00 p.m. near the Notre Dame. Exact address will be given out to women interested in attending. The e-mail address for people who want to attend is: DVWomensgroupparis@gmail.com There is no fee to attend this group, which will be run in English by two qualified group leaders.

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Are there any English speaking fitness clubs or classes available in Paris?Thanks!!

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I'm a Physical Therapist in Texas. I'm interested to settle and work in France

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HelloI am in the process of creating an iPhone and Android app for people with Diabetes. In order to understand what they need in the apps, I am looking to talk with someone here who has diabetes. Your time with me will help me to build a good app for people with Diabetes. It will involve meeting with you and talking about how your typical day looks like and how my app can help. You do not need to own an iPhone or an Android phone. Your help is much appreciated. You can contact me at 06 37 47 15 31.ThanksGangadhar

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Hi I am looking for an English speaking physiotherapist in either Neuilly or in 17th district. (basically anything by metro lines 1/2 :))Any help would be so appreciated.If you know someone please reply and I will send you my email privatelyThanks in advance!

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WANTED - I am looking for an English-speaking physical therapist -- preferably in or near 18th Arr. Reply to BMC0199@aol.com

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Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy nut free muesli in Paris? Can't find any any where, Thank you

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I'm a fellow AI user but based in the south east of France and I am very much in need of your help.A very good friend of mine who suffers from Motor Neurone Disease is planning to travel from Paris to London using off-road / cycle routes in order to raise funds for research into this horrendous disease. Jenny will travel on her Tramper, an electric buggy. Her journey starts on Sunday 22 May, ideally at Notre Dame, travelling alongside the Seine to the Eiffel Tower and heading out of the city via the Bois de Boulogne. Here is where your help is required. Is there anyone who could provide us with detailed information which takes account of all potential hasards for a disabled traveller? Jenny will be accompanied on the entire journey by cyclists, fellow disabled, and a support group. So on another note, if anyone would like to join her, please get in touch.For more info about Jenny and MND, check out her website www.jennygreenchallenge.orgThanks!Jill

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Does anyone know of a sports physio in the Paris area?

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Hi there,I have recently moved to Marly le Roi in Yvelines (78) I am looking for an English speaking GP in the area.Can anyone recommend a practice?Many thanksL Grant

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Are there any mental health support groups in Paris for English or for French speaking people? I am thinking of groups like cancer support groups, but in thise case, for people with on-going emotional and psychological issues. Are there any women's groups that specialize in this kind of support? They can be either French or English speaking.

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Any idea where (and if) these are offered in our great city?

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