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I'm looking for an English trained hairdresser in any of the (close) western suburbs - I have tried quite a few French hairdressers over the years but it is not quite the same... thanks for any advice.

started by: Kiki-84588 · last update: 1297087434 · posted: 1297087434

Hi! Does anybody know where there is a beauty/hair care supply store that carries hair color for use at home? Something comparable to a Sally Beauty supply store back home would be ideal.Thanks so much for your help!

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Have to shift those holiday pounds urgently! Are thier English WW groups in Paris?

started by: MrsPt · last update: 1296569183 · posted: 1296473947

Iam tired of the winter and could do with a little perk up, has anyone any ideas ?

started by: Cdn84 · last update: 1296472331 · posted: 1269445141

Hello, I know that this has been asked countless times before on the forum but... Does anyone know of a good English speaking dentist (conventionné) in Paris? (A dentist from North America who does North American-style cleanings(!) would be ideal, but not absolutely necessary). Thanks in advance.

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I am currently living in Beuavais and have just found out I'm pregnant. I'm keen to find a english speaking GP in the Beauvais area - does anyone have any contact details/ideas of how I can go about finding one? Many thanks

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Hello If you can recommend a doctor, please remember to e-mail your replies; in accordance with French regulations, names and contact details of medical personnel must not be posted publicly to the Forum... I am seeking a gyno within the Paris region who speaks English. I would really appreciate any recommendations. I have been here for two years now with my husband and I would like to have a gyno who I can speak English with and understand the medical terms etc. If anyone can add to this discussion, with helpful person experiences or advice or email me directly contact details of a womens health practicioner / gyno in Paris to monica.elle.listanible@gmail.com I would be more than grateful.

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Hello There,I was wondering if anyone knew of an English speaking occupational therapy (OT) practice in Paris (or the surrounding area). Are there any bilingual schools that you are aware of where there are occupational therapists present? I am a student looking for an English speaking OT internship. Thank you for any information. Cheers,Sarah

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Hello I'm living in Arcueil, just south of Paris on RER B, near Laplace station. My command of French is horrible so I am looking for an English speaking doctor for my family doctor. I am also looking for an English speaking dentist and optometrist. Someone near to me would be great, but honestly I'm willing to go however far I have to to have someone who speaks English well. Please do not post your responses in here, I believe it is against the law to publicly post this information. Please email me your recommendations to dr_hank69@hotmail.com with Angloinfo in the subject so I don't accidentally delete it as spam.Thanks,Mixam

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Does anyone know of any tap classes in Paris?Thanks!

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I read that it was illegal to post Doctor's name on a public site. However, if anyone knows of any good American or English speaking doctors could you please email me at belop1@yahoo.com. I'm an new to Paris and looking for a general doctor. Thank you Nikole

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Looking for a reasonably priced gym in/near 15A, Porte de Versailles/Convention and/or stretching/pilates/yoga. Are there any exercise classes for over 50s? Hilary hpway2002@yahoo.com Thanks.

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I'm new to Paris and I was wondering if someone could recommend a Prenatal Yoga class in central Paris. My Doctor would like me to start ASAP. Thank you for your help!

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hello everyone!!! i am a doctor.. i did my primary medical qualification from pakistan..now i am a registered doctor in UK aswell.. Can some guide me about the registration of foreign doctors in France coz i wanna practice medicine in france??.. i hav an EU memberz registartion, so will tat help in anyway??

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I live in Paris, was vegan before I got here, but found it difficult so I became a vegetarian. I would love to go back to being a vegan again. Can anyone provide advice on shopping and or restaurants, or ways to connect with other English speaking vegans in the city? Thanks!

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Does anyone have first hand experience of a good orthodontist near Le Vesinet? The orthodontist needs to be quite flexible as he/she will need to 'take over' as we have relocated half way through my sons treatment. thanks in advance!

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I'm trying to find a gp who specialises in acupuncture in the west of Paris or nearby suburbs. My experience to date has shown that asian acupunctures seem to be the most effective for my problems - if anyone could help please contact my email account directly. I'd found one in central Paris but there tends to be at least an hour wait beyond the time of your appointment which I find quite tiring plus the commute out to the suburbs. thanks

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Hello,Does anyone know where to go in Paris to get a skin check for melanomas? Digital imaging would be best, but any sugesstions welcome!Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone know of an English speaking physiotherapist in Arrondissement 16 near Auteil Dave

started by: NAK · last update: 1277752365 · posted: 1277720327

or Neuilly. I know it's been asked a lot but if anyone has some info it would be appreciated. Thanks.

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