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Hi there..I'm a first timer posting on this site & forum but have always found very good info in the past so thanks for that.Myself & my partner are expecting our first baby in November & have decided that we would like to have our baby in France. I work for a UK airline so I have an E106 form and have been paying for medical costs for myself & claiming them by posting off receipts. I have never received a Carte Vitale..!Incidentally I am just applying for my new E106 & have included my partners name on that as a dependent. That seems to be taking a while due to backlog in Newcastle. So in the meantime I am paying for on-going medical bills which are becoming expensive to say the least.I have been trying to work out if by default my partner will be included on my Carte Vitale/Social Security Number as we are not married.As a dependent on my E106 does this mean that I will somehow be able to include her on the system..?Do we have to register a PACS..?I thank you in advance for any help you can give.Regards Kes

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Does anyone know of a training college where you can get free/reduced price for beauty treatmentd in Paris? Massage, reflexology, facials?

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We are looking for American and Canadian women interested in helping a group of 4 ESCP Europe Master students by discussing fashion trends in North America and giving their feedback on a new high-end product that might be launched in the US and Canada in the near future. Free Drinks and Snack will be included. Also, we will also give a free gift to everyone who participates Date: Wednesday, May 19 Time: To be determined (please email you availability) Location: ESCP Europe (79 avenue de la République, Paris) If you are interested email us at marbellafocusgroup@gmail.com If you can't attend but are willing to share your opinions by email or phone, please let us know to the above email address. Thank you!!

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Hi I am looking for an english speaking doctor. I have already a french health inssurance, but my french is still too bad to talk about health issues with a doctor....Can somebody advice me, preferably somone who also considers alternative medecines....Merci,Peter

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Hi, can anyone please recommend a english speaking mens barber in paris ?ThanksStuart

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I know we cannot ask about specific doctors but I am not sure if the same applies to Radiologists. I need to get an MRI and an ultrasound done ASAP and where I called it was about 600euros... Does anyone know were I can get this done at a more affordable rate?Thanks!! =)

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Hi, does anyone know of a good English speaking ladies hairdresser, central Paris area would be good or the 17th? Thank you.

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What is the approximate (or average) cost of an hour of psychotherapy treatment in and around Paris?

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Please send me an email with any recommendations re anglophone midwives in Paris - arrondissement indifferent

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Good afternoon. If anyone knows of an english speaking doctor and a dentist as well could you please send me an e-mail? It would be greatly appreciated. We are in Paris for at least 2 years and need medical help. Thanks- Brandon Brandon1179@gmail.com

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Ive been searching online and everything seems to be with an appointment a week from now or so, and its a bit of an emergency that i see a doctor , does anyone happen to know the number to an english doctor, or a doctor at all who sees patients immedialty without the need of an appointment? thanks so much in advance

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Does anyone know if there are cancer support groups for family members in Paris.

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Just moved to Paris and need to register with a "medicin traitant". Can anyone email me the name of a good English speaking doctor, ideally in the 8th or 9th arrondissements (but any recommendations would be greatly appreciated). Thanks! Andrew

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hi everyone. i am a plus size model looking for representation and modelling jobs in paris, can you please give me ideas ,recommendations that will lead me in the right direction? lots of suggestions needed. many thanks

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Hi, please can anyone recommend any good English speaking dentists, preferably in or near the 17th district! Thank you!

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Unfortunately I cracked a crown and am having a new one made. My dentist is charging me 950 euros and I think that is quite expensive. Since I don't know any other dentists in Paris that I like, I agreed to the procedure. But in case this happens in the future, does any one know what price a crown goes for in Paris.

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Does anybody know any spa's that provide this in Central Paris ?

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I know that this information cannot be communicated on the forum, but, I would be grateful if someone can e-mail me this information directly; I know the American Hospital in Neuilly has dentists, but, I would prefer to use one in my meighbourhood. Many Thanks (jrhparis@hotmail.com)

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What is the average per hour rate for individual psychotherapy in Paris?

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where to find an anglophone shiatsu practitioner?

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