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... your kids against swine flu. I was against it, but then a Dr friend said that I really should as although there were less cases of death with seasonal flu, many of the people that have died or been really ill have been young, healthy people. So now I'm not sure, would you vaccinate?

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Started suffering really bad indegestion- what can I buy here that is similar to gavisgon?

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Hello, I'm new to Paris (Avenue de la Grande Armée) and I need to visit a hairdresser very soon! I'm Irish and have wavy hair. Looking to find a place that can give a good cut as well as highlights. I see in previous posts that Polished Hair Care and Toni&Guy (in Boulevard des Courelles) have been recommended. Has anyone had a cut and highlights in either place? Are there any other places worth checking out? Appreciate any guidance you can give. Thanks :-) Sinead.

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Hello everyone, I'll be visiting my spouse for a few weeks next month from the US and hoping to get my teeth cleaned at a more reasonable price than in New York. Does anyone know the approximate price range for a basic dental check-up without x-ray? Is this possible for less than €100? And please email me your recommendations for an English speaking dentist with good prices. jill at jillwoodward.com is my address, except change the "at" to @ to help avoid spambots. Thanks!

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Hello, does anyone know of any good english-speaking doctors in the area? I live in Saint Cloud but will be prepared to travel into the city centre.Also, I am new to the area and not yet working. What is the format for someone in my position to go to see a doctor? I know I need to pay but are there forms I would need to fill in?Your help would be much appreciated.Charity.

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anyone know if an Ophthalmologist is the same as an optician?i need to get some contacts and looking for some english speaking opticians :)

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Bonjour, Where can I find someone that does threading near Arr 20. Thanks

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I apparently need to choose a GP and always go to see that one, but I don't know how to choose one. Do I need to go and see one close to where I live or can I choose any Dr, ie one near work? Also do I need to go to the Drs office and register or do I need to get some sort of form, or do I just wait until I need to see a Dr?

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Dear All,My friend needs my help: she is going to go to Paris for Fertilty treatment, She needs to know which is the best:The American Hospital, or the IVF clinics, or Dr. George Veloudis clinics of kentuky fertilityI need to say any thing for her. do please help me.

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Hi all, I'm new on the forum. I'm from the Netherlands and I have been living in Paris since September 1st, 2009 because my husband was transferred by his employer. We have an almost 10 months old son and I'm looking for English speaking general practitioner, dentist, etc. Since it is not allowed to post personal details about them on the site, I would really appreciate to receive your recommendations by e-mail. The most urgent is a GP so our son can get his next vaccinations on time (within a month really). Does a GP do this or should I look for a child health specialist? Any advice is very welcome! Thanks, Annemieke

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Hi everyone, I don't know if anyone can help me. Does anyone know of a shop in Paris which stocks JASON cosmetics, the American natural cosmetics range? I just wondered if anyone knew. Otherwise, I shall e-mail the company. Thanks!

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I'm looking for a woman GP in the Paris area who speaks English. Thanks.

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Hello! I was just wondering if anyone happens to know the opening hours of the Anglo-American pharmacy at 37 ave Marceau (Arr 16). I can't seem to find them online! Thanks!

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H1N1 Town Hall Meeting – U.S. Embassy Paris, France The U.S. Embassy invites American citizens to a Town Hall Meeting at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, September 25 on H1N1 influenza, presented by Staff members from the American Hospital of Paris, in the Consular Section Waiting Room of the U.S. Embassy, at 4, avenue Gabriel (métro Concorde). The main topic of discussion will be prevention of H1N1 influenza and the care of young children suffering with flu-like symptoms. Seating is limited in the Waiting Room. Consequently, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis and is limited to adult American citizens. The guards at the security gate will admit those on the registration list. Each person will be required to present a U.S. passport (or other evidence of American citizenship) at the security gate. If you wish to attend the Town Hall Meeting, send your name, telephone number, and passport number, to MaloneME@state.gov as soon as possible. If you have specific questions on this topic, you may include them with your e-mail so that the presenters can be prepared to answer them. Registration will close when the Consular Waiting Room capacity has been reached or by 5 p.m., Wednesday, September 23, 2009. If you cannot be accommodated, a pop up screen response to your e-mail message will advise you that registration has closed for the September 25 Town Hall Meeting. For more information on U.S. Government policy during a pandemic, and for travel safety information, please see the State Department’s “Pandemic/Avian Influenza” and “Remain in Country” fact sheets on www.travel.state.gov. Further information about 2009-H1N1 Influenza, including steps you can take to stay healthy, can be found at the U.S. Centers for Disease Control website at http://www.cdc.gov/h1n1flu/, the U.S. Government pandemic influenza website at http://www.pandemicflu.gov, and the World Health Organization website at http://www.who.int/csr/disease/swineflu/en/index.html.

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Hello!Could anyone please give me the details of a good English speaking General Practitioner and Gastro-enterologist in Paris, I will be living there long-term and really need the information, but have no idea how to find such doctors.Thank you very much for your help, I appreciate it e-mail: td_yoredaman@yahoo.comWarm regards,Ina

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Gym membership available for 7 months under a discount as I have had to move away and join another.The gym is near Jasmin metro - Fitness first.

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Hi, does anyone know why my level of reimbursement (for general doctors visits) from CPAM has been steadily reducing, it started at 70% of the tarif conventionnel then fell to 50% and is now 30%. I know I don't get a 100% reimbursement as I have not selected a medicine traitant but 30% seems a little bit low. Thanks

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HelloWould someone be able to recommend (through email, I know the rules), a doctor in the 1st or 2nd - around Montorgueil - with some contact details? Preferably I'd need to make an appointment after work, or early morning.Many thanks :)

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hello, i live in 16th_ paris and need to find gynecologist (private) who speaks well english, if it s possible english to first language standard speaking. could be anywhere in paris. thanks to everybody for the help.

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My department is moving office for the second time this year and we are moving to Boulogne. As I need to make an appointment with a phlebologist on a regular basis for the next few months Im trying to find one that would be either near work near Porte de St Cloud or in Surnesnes/Rueil-Malmaison where I could go after work or on Saturdays. Once I move it will be virtually impossible to make appointments with the doctor I've previously seen as the commute is too difficult. thanking your for any advice on this matter.

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