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I am handicapped and need a volunteer to help me organize my apartment.I am a French and English teacher, interior designer and computer builder with a lot of experience in these fields. I was licensed in literature, language and arts at the Sorbonne in Paris.In exchange of your services, I offer free language lessons, translation, computer design and teaching : Internet, troubleshooting, operating system installation, etc.I will need a few hours per week - to be agreed on. Thank you for your consideration.

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Hello everyone  , i want your suggestions to distribute our products of bales (new trap) across France with better quality and product number three through the world, i need some distributors in France 

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Particulier cherche coupled’employés de maison à temps plein, logé et en CDI à Paris. Luiserveur/entretien/ménage et elle cuisinière/femme de chambre/lingère).Disponibles immédiatement sans contraintes familiales ou personnelles.Expérience et références contrôlables impératifCV à formentor27@gmail.com ou tel.

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Hi there, can anyone recommend a chef / cook who would come to a house in the 16th to cook dinner two or three times a week? Not French cuisine, catering to a range of dietary requirements for a family of 6-8 people. Merci!

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Hi, I'm looking for a removal van to help with a small move from Paris  to York. Anybody interested? It'll be for mid-September, I'm moving from an apartment to a house (so its boxes and no furniture). Thanks

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Hi everyone,I hope this hasn't already been posted here before, but my roommate and I are in a bit of a predicament, and I haven't been able to find much on this. We've just moved out of our apartment, and the landlord has demanded an additional €1000 on top of the initial €1000 we'd given as the caution. Justifying this, she's come up with a whole slew of charges (replacing all the tile grout, re-coating the interior of the bathtub, painting the backs of the mirrors with a special paint, etc.), and I'm not sure what to do. We don't have a written contract, and I don't know anyone else who's had this happen to them (though perhaps they've just been lucky). Any advice?

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Hi I am renovating a small house (190m2) near Silves. Hoping to create an eco house of sorts with a 5kwh solar array, 14kw lithium ion battery and grid backup. Trying to get the best solution for cooling and heating .. the house will be very well insulated and therefore will need an energy recovery system.. I'm hoping that with sufficient insulation (including windows)  and humidty control that an underfloor heating and cooling system will be sufficient to maintain comfort.. I have a borehole which I guess could be used for a ground source heat pump - the key is finding the right pump (whether ground or air source) that isn't too heavy on power and that will do the job.anyone with any experience I'd really appreciate input.

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Thanks for any advice

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Hi, I don't suppose any knows of any Paris plumbers in the 14th, Metro: Pernety, to investigate and clear some blockages in the kitchen area of an apparetment? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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We provide a large variety of home construction and repair services to the English speaking expat community in the Paris area. These services are for home owners and renters. We are licensed and insured.Including;Plumbing - repairs & new installationsHeater repairs & new installationsElectrical - repairs and new installations including circuit breaker boxesHardwood Flooring - repairs, refinishing & new installationsComplete Remodels - including moving walls, etc.... Kitchen - remodels & new cabinet installationsBathroom - remodels & new constructionTile, Stone and Marble - installation in bathrooms, kitchens & living areaPainting - inside & outFloor Leveling - in preparation for new hardwood floorEmergency Repairs   ! ! ! ! Weekend Service  ! ! ! ! Please call or mail Paul who speaks english for a free quote and more information. I am from the San Francisco area and have been in Paris for the past 5+ years.Paul   at   06 73 40 68 28    aaparisservice@gmail.com

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I'm looking for a 1 bed flat in Paris for 6 months starting at the end of September. Anywhere fairly central would be ideal?

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Hello,My wife and I are (finally) getting a new kitchen and bathroom fitted in our apartment. The plans are all finalised, it is just a case of signing  and of course paying the deposit, before all the work gets underway.The only concern I have is what steps are necessary - do you need any permission to remodel a kitchen/bathroom ?What is the standard procedure for the co-owners/residents ? Another owner of an apartment recently renovated their entire living space and put a notice up signalling the start of the works in one week's time. Is this normally all that is needed ?Is there another step to go through with the syndicat as well ?Any advice would be appreciated!Thanks - Matt

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Hi, do you know, or even have used an online platform to provide/access a washing machine? If yes: you are welcome to sign up and share your experience. I am running a research study on different ways of getting the laundry done and am interested in your perception of three different services, such as the p2p platform. The interview will take 45 min via skype or phone, will be recorded, anonymised and transcribed and will be rewarded with a $20 Amazon Gift Card after completion. This study is part of my PhD project, which aims at developing guidelines to help designers match user interests. I am looking forward to hearing from you. best Gregor

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I am with Orange; I want to received landline calls on my mobile while I try to excape winter for a few days. HOW to do so?    

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Hi, does anyone know how I go about getting English TV channels while I'm here in France? Thanks.

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Returning from holiday we've discovered that our metal letter box (installed in wall) has the top corner of it pulled out...this means that it's damaged and according to La Poste postman (who 'tried' all his keys.....) we need to go along to the Post Office and get a new key.... Having lived here too long this sounds somewhat weird.....anyone else had this problem?  I find it hard to find a post office open in August and find it equally hard to believe that they'll have a choice of spare keys....in the meantime of course any 'large' deliveries will be flung over our gate...... thanks for your advice

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Hi there, I will shortly be moving to Paris to study and am on the hunt for affordable internet deals. Unfortunately most seem to be part of bundles with telephone and TV. I really only want unlimited internet. The best price out there seems to be Alicebox Initial for 9.99 a month, which seems to be too good to be true. Has anyone out there used this service and would be able to give me some insight into it? I'm struggling a little with the technical French, added to the fact that I am not technically minded anyway, in any language! I'd really appreciate any advice you have.

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Does anyone know a very reliable artisan who is experienced in lime work for the facade of a nineteenth century house, please?

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I'm wondering if anyone has ever tried to change their payment/bank details on Sky's website? I've been trying for hours and it seems to be 'thinking' and then says try later.....thanks!

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Hello everyone, I've been trying to make trifle.....any English ladies who now live in France out there???? Fruit and cake are easy....Jelly I get from Marks and sparks... But the big problem is the cream...the whipping cream that is....what on earth is it called in france?? I can speak reasonable French and have tried several times in various supermarkets...brought loads of pots of various stuff...but it never whips up thick. I can buy a really thick cream from a local farm  ie ready made... but the "life" is quite short and it's quite expensive. Anyone have any suggestions on this important subject?? Forever grateful....Lionel

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