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Hi there, I will shortly be moving to Paris to study and am on the hunt for affordable internet deals. Unfortunately most seem to be part of bundles with telephone and TV. I really only want unlimited internet. The best price out there seems to be Alicebox Initial for 9.99 a month, which seems to be too good to be true. Has anyone out there used this service and would be able to give me some insight into it? I'm struggling a little with the technical French, added to the fact that I am not technically minded anyway, in any language! I'd really appreciate any advice you have.

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Found this on-line comparison for you (in French) where Alice is quoted at 19.99€; not sure how easy it is to get "internet only" options anymore.

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Thank you. Would you have the link for that comparison? I am going by the price advertised on their website here


I'd be grateful if anyone has used this and would recommend it.

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