Can landlords demand more than the caution?

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Hi everyone,I hope this hasn't already been posted here before, but my roommate and I are in a bit of a predicament, and I haven't been able to find much on this. We've just moved out of our apartment, and the landlord has demanded an additional €1000 on top of the initial €1000 we'd given as the caution. Justifying this, she's come up with a whole slew of charges (replacing all the tile grout, re-coating the interior of the bathtub, painting the backs of the mirrors with a special paint, etc.), and I'm not sure what to do. We don't have a written contract, and I don't know anyone else who's had this happen to them (though perhaps they've just been lucky). Any advice?

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Ooops without a contract and an "état de lieu" (state of the appt checklist when you move in and out) it is very hard to know how you can protect yourselves.....

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Painting the backs of the mirrors????  Re-coating the interior of the bathtub????  Unless you are really awful tenants, it's a scam.  You should immediately go to your Mairie and tell them what's going on.  You don't need a contract to go to the Mairie, in fact and unless I'm very much mistaken, your landlady should have given you a contract.  If you let her get away with this, she'll do it to someone else.  Go to the Mairie, believe me they will deal with it and your landlady will never try to scam people like that again.  Take someone with you who speaks French, if you don't.  That is and unless, you have actually scraped the enamel off the bath, scraped through the tile grout and scraped the backs of the mirrors. 

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