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My parents are finally visiting for the holidays and I am inspired to find a live tree. Do "cut-your-own" tree farms exist within driving distance to Paris? If not, any ideas on the best place to find a live tree?Thanks.

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camille-72237 1195482758

monceau fleurs always have them, in Paris proper, otherwise the covered plant market on the ile de cité; they all appear quite late though - so don't despair; they will make their festive appearance early december

rdr 1195490738

See this thread from last year for some other ideas:

Elaine Jarvis 1195497931

I have a country house in Haute Normandie and in my village of barely 80 souls there is a fir tree farm. I personally have bought from them with a root ball instead of 'cut'. Norwegian blue is my favourite. It cost me last year around €40.
I'll make enquiries for you if you want.

Elaine Jarvis

rdr 1195498318

do you plant it out after xmas then elaine?

LizzyB-75246 1195498604

This will be the first year I buy a real tree. Can someone suggest a species that doesn't shed needles?

Elaine Jarvis 1195855065

If you have a garden and don't let the tree dry out too much.

Elaine Jarvis

Elaine Jarvis 1195855293

They ALL shed their needles; some more some less. You can buy sprays from florists shop to prevent some of the dropping.

Elaine Jarvis

beachbum-72364 1195901551

First cut trees arrived at my local monceau fleurs yesterday

Jennifer22 1196074445

Thanks for all of the ideas for finding a live tree! Elaine, I am not sure if we'll have the time to travel to Haute Normandie for a tree, but I'd be interested in contact information for the tree farm in any case if you have a moment..thanks! If we stay in the city, looks like I'll check out Monceau Fleurs or IKEA. Thanks again.

wildy-72758 1196258092

IKEA for me as every year - will be there this weekend to get our's!

lindz-74604 1196259309

Is there anywhere in paris you can recycle real xmas trees once they are finished with?

Elaine Jarvis 1196465061

To my knowledge, only Ikea recycle (they say so at least). Few trees even with a root ball, survive the punishment given them over the festive period. Let's be frank - most end up in an incinerator!

Elaine Jarvis

lindz-74604 1196799231

No I mean a place where you can have the tree chopped into shrapnel that can then be used for other purposes. I saw a centre like that in the UK.

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