Coquilles St Jacques

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Can anyone give me advice on where to buy these and how best to prepare them?steph

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Carl-72249 1196262038

My favourite

Lots of ways to cook them. November the best month to buy as cheaper. Try any fishmonger. Ask him to open and clean them for you. Or buy cleaned ones frozen from Picard but the fresh are the best.

To cook simply cook in pan with butter. One to two mimutes each side untill transluscent. Dont overcook. Serve with cooked endives in cream.


Preheat oven to 180. Heat butter in pan. Add scallops and cook a few minutes on high heat. Add parsley shallots and chives. Season and cook few minutes. Mix and spoon into scallop shells (large scallop shells can be purchased in most stores with kitchen gadgets) or keep shells when buying at fishmonger. Sprinkle with bread crumbs and moisten with melted butter. Cook 3 minutes in oven. Serve with lemon.


stephane12 1196341220

Oh great thanks! Are the frozen ones as tasty as fesh ones? Sounds a practical option but I don't want to be disappointed!


lindz-74604 1196341350

Does anyone have a recipe for Truffle and St Jacques risotto?

LizzyB-75246 1196841864

Just to tell you that we happened to eat scallops last night and found they needed really cooking well to avoid being a bit squishy in the middle. I suppose it all depends on personal taste.

George-74792 1196856752

I wouldn't recommend frozen ones, I have found them to include quite a lot of water and so they shrink a lot when you cook them and they become really tough.

I prepared some at the weekend with some fresh pasta, crispy pancetta and broccoli florets in a balsamic vinegar dressing. It took about 10 minutes as all the ingredients cook very quickly.

I cook the scallops on the outside only if the are really fresh as it is a shellfish that you could eat raw.

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