Damaged door letter box - spare key at La Poste????

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Returning from holiday we've discovered that our metal letter box (installed in wall) has the top corner of it pulled out...this means that it's damaged and according to La Poste postman (who 'tried' all his keys.....) we need to go along to the Post Office and get a new key.... Having lived here too long this sounds somewhat weird.....anyone else had this problem?  I find it hard to find a post office open in August and find it equally hard to believe that they'll have a choice of spare keys....in the meantime of course any 'large' deliveries will be flung over our gate...... thanks for your advice

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lolla-92437 1440408256

We have a bog standard metal tin box type post box and out postie has a key - one size seems to fit all - this was a great suprise to me as I didnt know that anyone could access it and imagine my suprise when I came home to find a parcel the size of the letter box actually in the box ! Magic ! Does your key still open the door ? If so could the door be straightened out ?

dubliner-85149 1440408875

I think ours is a bog standard one too...but there's 2 different keys... ie we have a key for the door on the inside (so we can get the stuff out)...and seemingly the postman has a whole set of keys to open from the outside....

So the inside key doesn't open the outside door... and we don't have a 'spare' key..... to be honest I think the postman forced the door (it's not particularly sturdy) as I have no recollection of the top side of the door sticking out before......My hubby tried to see whether he could hammer/straighten the top side of the door..... but that didn't work.... and with the lock there it's not clear what to do..... and of course this means that stuff will be flung over the gate as they'll have 'difficulty' opening the box..... yes it's weird that the postmen can open the letterboxes......


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lolla - If the posties did not have access to our boxes in Paris we would have to collect all small packages, etc. at La Poste

dubliner - ask at the PO and tell us what the reply is - there is a La Poste at the Louvre which is open 24/7 by the way (in the shopping centre under the pyramids)

dubliner-85149 1440417529

will keep you posted....live in the suburbs...so easier to try and get to the local one...assuming it's open in August!

rdr 1440418713

post offices are usually open except on public holidays; even in august!

dubliner-85149 1440418974

yes but one nearby here is closed ALL day Wednesdays in August... and Saturdays..... and 2 hours for lunch....

dubliner-85149 1441300131

I went to local DIY Store, and they like me confirmed that La Poste would be of no use.  Leroy Merlin kindly told me that if I took the cylinder out of the letterbox they could provide me with a similar size...which is what I've done... and it's 'La Poste' approved....

davor-72240 1441350892

Great to know the answer - thanks!

dubliner-85149 1441354778

Your welcome ... also saves the hassle of dismantling the letterbox.

lolla-92437 1441359750

Super ! Allways nice to hear a happy ending  - hope your postman is happy now too ! 

dubliner-85149 1441362630

well as I think it was one of them who forced the letterbox door... not too sure!

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