Meaning of cuisine aménagée

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What does it mean in an apartment listing when it says "cuisine aménagée"? Thank you!

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bbq-73102 1201677584

usually means cupboards in situ but no white goods

Carl-72249 1201685638

Hmm, yes amenagee means converted or done up. Check what's their though. White goods as mentioned not included.

However amenageable means convertable and not fixed up.

stephane12 1201685877

I was under the impression that amenagée was fully fitted..?


Timmy78 1201700594

From my experience it can mean anything from 1 grotty cupboard to a new fully fited kitchen. But I've seen some terrible things in houses for rent..that they tried to pass off for kitchens - and I wouldn't have installed in the garage!! So be careful!!!

Dogs are for life....not just for breakfast!!!!

bd-73191 1201760348

have to agree with timmy on this one, seen quite a few "aménagées" that are nothing more than a grubby basin in a flaky 50's formica chipboard horror

most of us end up having to hoot foot it over to IKEA to fit out some/all of our appts: see here for website PS recommend the delivery and assembly options (putting these things together is a nightmare for the many-thumbed...)

anna2-74619 1201769025

It's true that French rented houses aren't often up to much. I don't get the obsession with sleeping in the sitting room on a clic clac for example!

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