mouse in my country house

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Have recently had a rather cute mouse take up residence in the skirting and sneak out for the odd nibble of fruit (seems to be a vegetarian mouse) problem is - he/she has been joined by a companion, am now fearful of the patter of even more tiny feet - how best to rid myself of same humanely?

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kristin-72692 1190810693

whatever you do Do Not Use poison, mouse/rat poison is very dangerous, especially to owls and other predators and if you have a country house these animals will be your best ally to rid yourself of your little intruders

julia-72705 1190831925

Have to agree with Kristin on this one - found a mousetrap that catches the blighters rather than killing them - my grandaughter then releases them in the forest

Suppose it would be more practical to get the traps that wipe the mites off the face of the earth, but cannot bring myself to do that I am afraid...

Found our mousetrap at our local Botanica

camille-72237 1190832141

Has anyone else found that macabre rat killer near Les Halles? Yoo bizarre, right in the centre of Paris, it seems completely Elizabethan in comparison to the pubs and clothes shops all around - there it is, all the wherewithal to do away with all forms of garden beasties, but the most bizarre thing is the stuffed display animals in the window, so that you can make quite sure which rodent you have caught in your trap...

pdr 1190832240

I've seen it too - a time warp - found it the other evening on the way to The Hideout at Chatelet when I was on my way to watch a match

newby-73984 1190906243

I would def agree with julia on this one, trap and release, think putting collars and them and tacking their survival rate might be a litle over the top though :-)

joy-73818 1190906315

Thanks all, not sure I know what Botanica is julia, pls advise

julia-72705 1190993106

Sorry - it is botanic and it is a garden supply shop, several stores throughout the ile de france, see website here:

julia-72705 1190993234

PS You might find that any gardening store has these little traps in stock, so you could always try truffuat, or whatever else is most convenient for you

saffy-74603 1191001451

I don't agree with killing the little intruder, mice aren't dirty creatures and do not spread disease. What harm is he doing?

julia-72705 1191001738

That is the point of this "release" trap, it is a little box and you release the mouse unharmed, rather than the standard horrid killing traps

grumpy-74738 1191001943

saffy - there were millions and millions of victims of the great plague that would not agree with you on the harmlessness of rodents!

joy-73818 1191066093

thanks julia - found the wire box/trap at Botanic; mouse number one safely deposited in forest this am; hope to catch second one tonight, macaroni cheese seems to be a hot favourite :-)

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