Vine on the Balcony?

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I have recently seen a gorgeous and very modern twisted vine with tendrils going off at different angles which I think would look great on my balcony. Is this a reasonable idea or may it grow out of control? steph

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lindz-74604 1191599704

Hmm, not sure sounds a bit too Mediterranean for up here. Won't it die? I have bay trees on my balcony and happen to think they look rather swish!

stephane12 1191599752

Oh yes the weather, I hadn;t thought of that. Can any garden expert offer me advice? I would really love this vine!


Elaine Jarvis 1191602950

Did you see this vine (vitis vinifera) in a garden centre?
Ask them where it is from - France? Italy? If imported from the latter - has it been acclimatized?
The vine can do well on a sunny well exposed Paris terrace. If you go to Montmartre you will see a well establised vineyard which proves that the 'vitacea' family tolerates the climate here. You will need more advice on fertilising and pruning to maintain your 'pied de vigne' correctly.
Happy gardening

Elaine Jarvis

barbie-72522 1191955357

in a similar vein, can i grow an olive tree on a pot on a balcony in paris?

kdr-72518 1191961141

yes, yes and yes; bring it inside in winter and make sure you keep it somewhere with as much light as possible, ours is now going on for its third birthday and looking gorgeous

stephane12 1192110796

Yes I did see it in a garden centre and no i didnt ask where it was from or if it had been aclimatized! But now that you have shed some light on the subject I will be listening to your advice! Thanks!


Elaine Jarvis 1192545975

Yes you can. But again be sure whether it has been acclimatized beforehand. Olive trees imported directly from the south of Italy have not been through this process and will be particularly vunerable to a hard frost. If you don't know - protect it will a 'toile de hivernage'. Ensure that the pot is slightly raised - this will ensure proper drainage as well as protecting the pot from frostbite!

Elaine Jarvis

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