wasp atack - what to do?

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was bitten in bed this am - wasps seem to have made a nest in the roof above my bed - WHAT to do? horrible way to wake up!

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anna2-74619 1187701594

You should definitely call out a pest control company to seek out the nest and get rid of it! I can't imagine anything worse than to be plagued by wasps you poor thing!

janet-72456 1187704239

Dail 18 (the fire brigade) and they will take care of your problem for you for free!

newby-73984 1187715548

thanks for the help - %::!§§%**ed sore still, need to get rid of these pests asap

newby-73984 1187774331

Sleeping under a mosquito net until the firebrigade can get here - needless to say, my wasps turned out not to be a priority to them, although with all the rain we are having at the mo, one would have thought that any fire would put itself out...

PS wasp = prounounced gèp in French

lindz-74604 1187774923

The thing is here in France the fire brigade also seem to deal with medical emergencies. Surely you should ring a pest control company instead and leave the pompiers to handle more serious things?

camille-72237 1188483841

My French friends would never dream of contacting a private company - they all use the pompiers to help in these sorts of situations.

PS The intervention might not be free should they need to remove part of the roofing and/or use soem sort of sophisticated products.

PPS They will give you good advice and excellent service and you can make a genrous donation to your local fire station at Christmas time!

newby-73984 1188483960

Indeed - they came, saw and conquered

From what I could make out in my broken French they have a lot of calls of this nature at this time of year

newby-73984 1188589177

PS Janet was right, the service was free!

lola-72462 1188589268

Lucky you a free service and those lovely firemen all over your living space - almost worth tracking down a wasp for...

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