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recently seen some fab giant wall stickers of Paris' skyline - does anyone know where these can be bought?

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Does anyone know of a compentent Building Surveyor in the Paris region who would be willing to do a short check on pipes/leaks/drainage as we have a leak with an adjoining house and would like to get some professional advice regarding the work and responsibility/liability before looking for quotes for work. thanks

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French apartments invariably have parquet floors (like mine) and I find them very hard to keep dust free for more than about 5 mins. Does anyone have a tip for me or a product suggestion? steph

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I was brought up in the countryside and have always loved the folk sayings, here is one in French "taille tôt ou taille tard, rien ne vaut la taille de mars"ElaineElaine Jarvis

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while away - cannot remember how to do this .... help!

started by: lindz-74604 · last update: 1202113655 · posted: 1202113655

We are thinking of renting a small flat in central Paris for my husband's more and more frequent business trips. Can anyone tell me how much we should be looking at spending?

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What does it mean in an apartment listing when it says "cuisine aménagée"? Thank you!

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mine is on it's last legs, a friend is giving me her nearly new one when she goes back to the states next week - how do I get rid of the old one?

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Does anyone have any experience with a company that they could recommend?

started by: joy-73818 · last update: 1198328248 · posted: 1198236907

stuffing wherewithal at the ready; candles and decorations all lined up, champagne in the cave - presents wrapped; now all we have to hope for is a few clouds and some snow - love this time of the year!

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Looking for nice table decoration ideas. Any good ideas or stores I can try?

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Would be so grateful to know of any service that would provide 2 men to carry furniture from van to sixth floor walk-up in the 4th! Best wishes Nick

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I would love to find some willow branches with fairy light in for Christmas instead of the usual Christmas tree. I think this is a classy alternative but don't know where to find one. CAn anyone help?

started by: lindz-74604 · last update: 1197310689 · posted: 1197310587

Just wanted to let you all know that i found a wonderful wreath in habitat. It's made of red feathers and i find it really original. Not expensive either!

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I have been roped into cooking Christmas dinner for my French parents in law and the dad in particular is very fussy and only likes "French" food. He has already warned me he won't eat turkey but I wanted to give them a taste of the traditional Englsih Christmas dinner. I find it so delicious! What can I do?

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I am having a Japanese night at my house next week and amongst other things I need to get my hands on some Tempura flour. Where can I go?fred

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Can anyone give me advice on where to buy these and how best to prepare them?steph

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Yesterday I found a rat in a bin next to my house. Should I be very alarmed by this? Does this mean the area is infested or could it be a lone rat? To tell the truth I am a little concerned. fred

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My parents are finally visiting for the holidays and I am inspired to find a live tree. Do "cut-your-own" tree farms exist within driving distance to Paris? If not, any ideas on the best place to find a live tree?Thanks.

started by: lindz-74604 · last update: 1196710595 · posted: 1196341516

I would love to wow my Christmas guests with a genuine English home-made Christmas pudding but being a modern woman i have no idea how to go about doing this, having always happily bought them for M&S. CAn anyone give me a fool hardy recipy?

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