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I have a pal wishing to come back to France after a spell abroad. She is married and has a small baby. She has a 1,300 budget and is looking for an apartment but I suggested she buys if she has this much to spend each month. Does anyone agree?

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Why are the colours so vibrant this year - not really seen anything like is since have lived here, any idea?

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Can someone tell me how to say shower head in French? Mine broke this morning and i need to ring my land lord to ask him to come to change it! steph

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Want to know about bulbs. How and when to plant in containers or in the garden. See the next update on the on my gardening blog at: http://blog.myspace.com/jardinjarvis Elaine Jarvis

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Is there a date that centrally controlled heating in apartment buildings is supposed to be turned on? Ours was particularly late this year and we were freezing as a result. I would like to complain about this but do not know if I have the right to.

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I have recently seen a gorgeous and very modern twisted vine with tendrils going off at different angles which I think would look great on my balcony. Is this a reasonable idea or may it grow out of control? steph

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I got such good advice re the mice invasion from the users of this forum before, that I thought that I would sound you out about which builder to use for a renovation that I need to undertake - need the name of an English speaking architect too - all help greatly appreciated

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Have recently had a rather cute mouse take up residence in the skirting and sneak out for the odd nibble of fruit (seems to be a vegetarian mouse) problem is - he/she has been joined by a companion, am now fearful of the patter of even more tiny feet - how best to rid myself of same humanely?

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Can anyone suggest/recommend weekly cleaning help for our flat in Rueil Malmaison? Where do I look for it? What rates per hour can I expect to pay?

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was bitten in bed this am - wasps seem to have made a nest in the roof above my bed - WHAT to do? horrible way to wake up!

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I moved into my flat in May and received my first electricity bill of around 40€ in June..very reasonable. But low and behold the secong bill in August was for 100€!! seeing as my flat measures 25m2 I find this slightly unreasonable! Is there any reason why my second bill is so high??

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I am thinking of having decking laid on my terrace but don't know how to go about it. Any advice?

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know this sounds stupid but cannot remember the no!!!

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Someone gave me an aloe vera cutting off of their plant. Should I stick it in a glass of water in order to get it to start producing roots? Thanks.

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Any good suggestions for getting rid of these horrible little creatures? I am currently being plagued every night in my apartment!

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Need to think of an original housewarming present for the guy who has everything and loves all things modern...any ideas?

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My friend has just bought a new flat and rand EDF to get hooked up to electricity. However due to the 35 hour week and summer holidays he was told that he would have to wait a month for a technician to come to the flat! That seems outrageous to me!

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has anyone seen those large bean bags used as seats in Paris? I have seen them in the UK but not here.

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Just wanted to check if anyone else had had a problem with this firm? I have just bought a kitchen from them and the measurements were all wrong. I ended up having to chop 8cm off one of the work tops to fit in my fridge!

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i work as a freelance translator and will soon be moving to Paris. is it difficult to find a place to rent having a 'profession libérale'? What kind of proof do I need to provide when renting? (I'd prefer to hear from people already in this situation, thank you)

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