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Does anyone know the weight restriction for flying with your dog in the cabin to other EU destinations? I have a Cairn and would like to keep hom with me.

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Where would I start to look for one of these to hire - moving appt's soon - and what are they called in english???

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Can anyone recommend a good removals company? So difficult to choose. Going back to the UK.

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Furniture removal companies, whether coming to France or leaving - where to find info on same please? Also - does anyone have any specific recommendations to make?

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Hi I am an interior design student and am after the name of a few stores who are happy to give fabric swatches for free. I am doing an assignment and need a few fabric samples for my sample board.

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Hi I am seamstress and wandering if anyone can recommend some great haberdashery shops/fabric shops. I am wanting to find genuine french fabric, possibly french lace. I am also looking for shops that sell ribbons, buttons etc.

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I need to purchase fifteen 30x45 off-the-shelf wooden photo frames in Paris. To date I have tried Ikea, Habitat, Conforama, Castorama, Pier Import and Leroy Merlin. Nothing to report. I do not want to get them tailor-made. If anyone sees any on their travels, please drop me a line ... with the address of where you found them.Thank you

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Hello, does anyone out there know of any shops for miniature dolls' house items or art shops in paris that sell ProSculpt or any kind of polymer clay for sculpting ooak babies and angels? I do know 2 shops in Paris near the wax museum pain d'├ępices and joujoux that sell dolls' house items, to be honest they don't have a lot of stuff except the same old Victorian and Edwardian miniatres that you find on any miniature website. What is it with the French? Does nobody in this country share my passion? Even on ebay anything I'm looking for for my supplies can only be found in the good old USA or England, maybe even Germany, but never France!!! Hey, c'mon guys, Paris is a big city, right? Thanks for any help you can give. I'd also love to meet friends out there that share my hobby.Helen

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Hi am wondering whether anyone has seen tajines in the supermarket. I lived in the SW and they used to sell them in Auchan for 20 euros or something silly like that. I should have bought one before I left but didn't I am wanting to buy one but not for the ridiculous price they charge in home wares shops.

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does anyone out there have an air condioning unit that i could rent for the next 2 months??  Peace & Love

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