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Hello, I live by Fontainebleau, post code is 77760. I have an english sky box and satellite, however I don't know how to set up the satellite. Can anyone recommend or know someone who could do this for me ? Thanks, Tabby     

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is there such a thing?

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Does anyone know where I can purchase a step down transformer, for using large U.S. electronics in France?  I found DD Electrinics but they don't seem to be open and down answer phone calls.

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Don't want to use poison - any ideas to save the lovely roses on my balcony?

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Im trying to find a locksmith to change a lock, near Perpignan. can anyone recommend anyone? Thanks 

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Our new dishwasher is not drying well at all.  Upon doing some research, it seems that European dishwashers (all brands) do not vent dry like they do in the U.S.   Does anyone know of a company that imports U.S. dishwashers into France?

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Could anyone recommend a good and reasonably priced repairer for Rosiere ovens. The hinges have broken rendering the oven useless, with the door hanging off. Great just before Xmas.  I can get the parts myself and normally I would replace the hinges myself. However,  this time I cannot even get the door off and so need professionel help, as I understand, it can be dangerous without the corect tools etc. 

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  PROPERTY PORTAL FAQS  I’ve noticed some changes on AngloINFO – what’s going on? Well spotted! We’ve just released a new section called AngloINFO Property. It’s currently in beta (testing) mode so we’ll make an announcement in the next few weeeks when we’re confident that everything is working exactly as it should. In the meantime, feel free to look around and use it, and if you come across any issues, just let us know.  What is AngloINFO Property and why should I be excited about it? AngloINFO Property is the name of the new property section on AngloINFO. Here, you can search through hundreds of thousands of properties to buy and sell, to find the one that’s perfect for you. You can access the new AngloINFO Property section from anywhere on AngloINFO by clicking on “Property” in the top navigation bar.  In the new section, we’ve been able to introduce some great new features like Google Street View, Google Maps showing local amenities and email alerts for properties matching your search criteria. We’ve also improved the overall experience with more (and bigger) images and the option for related documents (such as floor plans) to be uploaded to the property listing.  In addition, we have lots of Information Pages about buying and renting property to help you base your decisions on reliable facts.  We’re pretty excited about all of this – and we hope you are too!  Does this apply to Holiday Property as well as Residential Property? Yes! In AngloINFO Property you can search for (and advertise) holiday rentals as well as properties for sale and rent.  What will happen to property ads in the Classifieds? They remain unchanged for now but over the next few weeks they will be phased out as the functionality of the new AngloINFO Property section allows you to do so much more.  What’s the best way for me to find a property to buy or rent, or a holiday property to rent, on AngloINFO? The new AngloINFO Property section has hundreds of thousands of properties all over the world for you to choose from, so we’d recommend you start your search there. Until we move all of our existing property classifieds over, you’ll still find some great properties in our Classifieds section too, so be sure to look there as well so you don’t miss anything. Why can’t I add a new Classified to the Residential Property or Holiday Property categories? The new AngloINFO Property section offers many more features to help market your property effectively. Over the next few weeks we’ll phase out properties from the Classifieds altogether, so we’ve switched off the option to add new ones. We hope that you’ll advertise your property via AngloINFO Property and see the benefits for yourself.  I have a live Featured Classified on AngloINFO - what will happen to it? If you have a live Featured Classified, it will still show in whichever Classified category you paid for it to appear in. If your ad is still live when we switch off the property classifieds, we’ll migrate you over to the new AngloINFO Property section – but don’t worry, we’ll email you in advance to let you know what will happen. If you’d rather move your property ad to the new AngloINFO Property section now, just contact us  and we’ll be happy to help.   What will happen to existing basic Classifieds? We hope that people with basic Classifieds will decide to advertise their properties in the new AngloINFO Property section! Eventually, existing basic ads will disappear when we switch off the property sections of the Classifieds but we’ll email everyone in advance so that they know what to expect.

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Hi, My name is Jude Cathcart, I am looking for an Studio or one bedroom apartment to rent from Feb 20th to Oct 20th 2015 with the possibilty of extending to 2016. With wi-fi, cooking facilties, furnished, washing machine. Looking for something in the following arrondisments; 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,11,12,16,17,18 I am 54 years old, Australian, non smoker, no pets. I work in the Travel Industry so will be away a bit for work. I am clean, tidy, no bad habits. I was living in a studio in the 16E this year but it no longer available. If you have anything or know of anyone with something please let me know. Thank you,  Jude  

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I am looking for a talented seamstress who speaks at least a little English to repair my vintage wedding dress. I know there must be plenty in Paris, but I don't know how to choose one. Thanks so much for any recommendations.

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Wow - it is just great to use; anyone else noticed it yet? http://property.angloinfo.com/paris/search/in/paris/mode/sale/type/apartments-flats

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I gather landlords want to see paystubs and an employment contract, but what if you are taking a year (or so) off, living on savings? What about retired people looking to rent? Does anyone know what alternative to paystubs and a work contract a landlord might ask for? Looking to find a Paris apartment from the US, go out and see it in person, then get the lease signed. How do I get my "dossier" in order, to be competitive with other bidders? Thanks!

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I am looking for a reliable cleaner to clean my apartment located near La Defense and wondered if anyone could give me a recommendation. I know there are lots of listings on AngloINFO but as the person will be coming into my home I would feel better with a personal recommendation. Also they don't have to be an English speaker although that might make things easier. Thanks in advance.

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Hi, we're a Dutch couple happily living in Paris-Montmartre since 5 years now, and willing to stay at least an other 5 years! As the expat whom we rented from is coming back to Paris, we are looking for a new place to make our home. - unfurnished - 3 pièces appartment - 60M2 or more - around metro Lamarck Voulaincourt, Jules Joffrin or Abbesses - available per october 1st We have our alerts on on all agency sites like se loger, we went to see all agencies in the neighbourhoud, but still, we have not found our nice new home..... Any tips are welcome via mandyschreuder@hotmail.com. Thank you.

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Housekeeping service provided by experienced cleaner €14h.  0754535395

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I am looking for a recommendation for a good/reliable property management company.  I live in Asia but own a flat in the 10eme and need a local management company.  Thanks for the help.

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Has anyone figured out how to hook up the exhaust tube through a closed french window? I am in a rental so I cannot do any masonary work. Yes, I can keep the window open and stick the tube out but is there a way to block out the incoming outside air?

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We are considering having two very sickly cypresses cut down, they lack light one side and so look sparse and block light from some of the garden. We loathe cutting trees down but this may be the only way to go. They are about 70ft high but not very wide but close to surrounding stone walls. Not the easiest site to be taking trees down.  Can somebody advise us on the sort of costs we would incur?  Wehave no idea of what is considered a reasonable price to pay for it.

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Can anybody tell me if they know of an online nursery here that sells perennial forget me nots?

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Does anybody know anything about the relatively new laws concerning septic tanks?An inspector from SPANC has called at our house and issued a report calling for large scale changes to our system. (There are errors in the report.)Can anyone tell us what are the minimum requirements to comply with the law and where we can find a contractor who will not ask for both arms and both legs to fix it?Paul & Rosemary

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