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Hi, We have been living in the same apartment for almost 3 years since we moved to France, and now we know the areas better, we have decided we want to move to a different area and look for a 2 bedroom apartment (3 pieces). The notice for our apartment is 3 months. So how do we to about it? Do we hand in the notice then hope to find somewhere within those 3 months, or do we find somewhere first, then hand in our notice? Both I have worries with- what if we don't find somewhere we want within 3 months and we waste our money on somewhere that's not "perfect" as such? Or what if we find a place a month into handing in out notice, will we have to pay for 2 apartments at the same time? If anyone has any advice I'd greatly apreciate it! Thanks :-)

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I have seen this subject  mentioned elswere but not on Anglo-Info, yet.  The law states that all homes must be equiped with a smoke alarm before 15th Marh 2015. This is a great idea, well overdue in France.  As I live in an apartment I assume this mean each flat has to be individually equiped. However do the communal areas, hallways etc., also need to be so equiped?  Does anybody know?  A warning: several aalrms were INC tested and 6 out of eight failed.However, the manufacturers claimed that they all had EU standard EN14604!   Iwould be happy to post the names here or send by email.   

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Hello everyone! Due to some changes in SKY, we on the French Riviera have lost the BBC channels and are supposed to lose ITV channels as well.  We are all aware that apparently we all need to replace the dishes with larger ones; some people have already done so, without success.  I was just wondering if you have the same problem as I have not seen any discussion on this subject in your area.  Thank you for any reply/advise you can provide. Frou

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Looking for someone to do light carpentry work any recommendations thx in advance

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I'm looking for a plumber / gas fitter for a small job.  Must be able to do the work any day / any time next week (commencing 3rd September).  Fontenay-le-Fleury (near Versailles). To replace the gas tap and flexible hose and connect to a new gas hob.  

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Does anyone know  any regulations with reference to putting up a fence between neighbours. Can a fence less than 2 metres high be placed on the boundary   between my property and the neighbour, or  legally  does there have to be a gap , if so how much. Do we have to allow the neighbour one metre  in order to maintain his wall on my side of the fence.   Many thanks in anticipation.

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Bonjour tout le monde,I've been having a tough time finding a specific switch for the overhead fan for the oven in our old flat that we have to fix for the new tenants.  I've tried Castorama, BHV, and Leroy Martin with no luck.  I was suggested to try a place in the 12th called S.I.R.V.A.M. but they are closed for the August holiday until the 18th.  Just when you need something....you need it in August. Can anyone recommend a store in Paris that might have a wide selection of electrical switches?  Like a speciality store that electricians might use?  Even a French web site that might specialize in these small accessories would be better than nothing. Thanks a ton.  Here's a link to a photo of the switch that's stored right on my server. http://socialjunkie.com/nonweb/Switch4OverheadFan4Oven.jpg  It has a white button and three prongs (the middle one I'm assuming is the ground. Have a great week everyone. Dan

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I am looking to buy a house at Ile de France area. Would like to have an advice on wich area will be best to live with children under 5. Good public schools and easy access to Paris ( not more than 45 m commuting train ) thanks.

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Dear All, We have booked a house in Ile-de-France (near Poissy) which  will be delivered in the last week of June. In preparation for that we are looking for someone who can accompany us on the day of the handover  to do checks and draw up a report to ask for changes as well as make sure that the builder is delivering what they promised (preferably someone bilingual). Any suggestions about who to contact would be helpful. Thanking you in advance. Sridhar    

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http://paris.angloinfo.com/information/housing/setting-up-home/telephone/ This page has been a life saver for me!

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Hi Everyone, New to Paris...can anyone recommend a carpet and laminate floor installer?  I've got materials chosen, and need them picked up, installed, and old flooring removed and disposed of...Thanks.

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hello, could anyone give any advice on finding and moving into a new apartment? my boss is currently paying most of my rent, and i am wanting to move, but he is saying it will be very difficult. because of him paying most of the rent, i get less wages, but if i ask for him to put the apartment in my name kobviously i'll get more pay but also pay more taxl but would this be the best option? also he has said there are a lot of requirements when moving apartment, espeically if it is in my name. my boss is quite against me moving due to the hassle, but i would really like to move. i hope someone could help and give me some advice thanks

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Hi we are a family consisting of 2 adults and a 16yrs girl, we are looking for some accommodation be it B&B, Hotel, apartment, anything considered. First time visitors to Paris so we wanted to be in easy access of main sights/attractions or public transport to them. We would require onsite or nearby parking. Dates we require but again are flexible are 3 nights from 1st july to 4th july 2013. We live in Normandy and have a gite which we would also be prepared to exchange as accommodation for our stay in Paris, if this suited the owner we could offer a week exchange. If not we are prepared to pay. Any advice or suggestions greatly received. Many thanks

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Greetings to Everyone,A new member here!! really you have a great site and much informative ideas are available here. I am here to make some new friends, share experience and my knowledge.Thanks and Regards,Dabney Walker

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I want to re cover my dining room chairs, just the seats, can anyone recommend a good upholsterer Thank you

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I am looking for a tiler to do some work in my flat. He will need to speak English though as I don't speak good French and would like to give specific instructions. Please let me know if you have anyone in mind.

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was looking to advertise my home for sale in brittany here on the Ile-de-France site - dont mind paying a bit. can anyone pls say if this is poss. and advise on how to do it ? many thx    

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hello we are looking for some garden furniture in the 66 area. Were looking for the new style wicker style plastic table and chairs would anyone have an idea where we could look regards ab

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Hi, Im wanting to cancel my Orange internet contract. Ive had it for over a year now, and ive decided to change provider. Ive already ordered my new contract online, so I am wanting to write the letter ASAP.I know I need to write a letter to Orange, but what do I need to write?? Im wanting to cancel it as of next month.Can anyone help?? Thanks! 

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Hi there Would like to know which company provides the fastest internet access?  We are currently with Free and very unhappy. Cheers Ann

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