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http://www.old-england.fr/anglais/ahome.htm Passed the stroe two days ago and was amazed to see it all boarded up - have they closed or moved; their site is not informative at all....  

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OK so its time to do a bit of DIY and sorting out of TV/Satellite/Hifi and Satellite.... So back in blighty I had all my usual haunts like Maplins/Richer Sounds and the like as well as online.. but where do you start in France? Anyone got good suggestions - prices seem a bit steep at Leroy Merlin..reminds me of B & Q in terms... I'm specifically after a good long run of coax (with F connectors andTV IEC plugs which I'll  fit)this low loss cable if not shielded is a waste of money. Same with speaker wire (for HIFI).. need to wire up remote speakers and get them off the floor! Its a balance between quality (or copper content) and price.. Any good suggestions?  

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Hello DIY enthusiasts! I'm looking to gravel my drive and area where I park in front of my house. I think I'll need around 2 metric tonnes, while I could by 80 X 25kg bags from castorama I was wondering if there was somewhere cheaper/easier that it could be bought in bulk. I'll need both Gravel and Sand. I'm in the west of Paris but don't mind traveling in the Ile de France to get a good deal. Thanks,Robert

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Our expensive dining table has some white marks which I believe are from hot pots being put on it. I'm trying to find someone who can remove the marks - the table is in solid wood and was treated for minimum maintenance. I would like to get it back to its original state without having to pay someone the cost of the table...anyone have any suggestions? thanks

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Can anyone recommend an honest carpet cleaner who specialises in Oriental carpets. Thank you

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Take a look at this great new blog on angloinfo paris: http://blogs.angloinfo.com/paris-architecture/

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Hi, we're newly arrived in Paris and our new (rather ancient) home in Le Vesinet has the mysterious uncleanable bathtub. The enamel is very old and now very porous and I can't scrub it completely clean. In Australia, I'd be using Gumption, a very thick gritty white paste that looks like chalky white boot polish, that comes in a round tub. It gets anything off, but I can't find it in the supermarkets here. Has anyone found a really good equivalent cleanser? I don't think anything in a squeezy bottle will be up to the task. Cheers, Nicky

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Hello I have recently moved to paris, and have rented an apartment in the 17th not far from the Arc de Triomphe, Can someone please tell me where to find curtain fabric? or a place that sells curtains+curtain rods.Thanks for your time.Alex.

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Any one had any experience with this company? I have an estimate from them and another one from Tryba (very expensive) and I would like to know if Art & Fenetre are really reputable or not since I have been reading some negative remarks about this company.

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I read a report (think it was in the Independent) that M&S are currently in talks about opening a new store on the Champs-Elysées. Sadly it seems that they will be concentrating on their clothing lines and not food!! I would really love an M&S Simply Food in Paris.

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I have some problems in my bathroom and looking for a good plumber.Does anyone have any recommendations for a serious and not too expensive plumber in Montreuil or Est of Paris?Thanks

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http://paris.angloinfo.com/forum/ccdetail.asp?CCID=36033 Has anyone ordered from them? Their prices look INCREDIBLE...

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This is so hot in the UK at the mo, looking for furniture similar to the Re range as stocked in Liberty's - any idea where to start looking?

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Hi we want to keep the exisiting frames with the original door locks that came with our Haussmanien flat but install double glazing, can anyone recommend a web site or tradesperson who can do this? alternatively are there completly new frames that are made to look like original Haussman-era hardware?

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I recently bought and renovated an apartment in an old building in Paris. Every few days the bathroom has a sewage smell, emitting from the shower drain and/or toilet. I have tried pouring certain plumbing related products down the above, but the smell would come back after a couple of days.Any suggestions to the cause or remedy would be much appreciated.

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So tired of them lasting for about 20 minutes! Last one from IKEA (don't get me wrong - I am a great fan (usually)) lasted for less than a week and then split in two. No, I don't put them in the dishwasher or soak them, but they all just split! Anyone know where I can get one that will last?

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I have just found a wonderful web site for buying lots of lovelies and thought I would share it !I have a bit of a cushion passion ! I bought some cushion covers from this shop http://www.etsy.com/search/handmade?q=10rubydoo They have just arrived and are the most fantastic quality. They are hand made perfectly and the material looks even better than the photo...and the personal service was wonderful with really fast delivery...If you need a few finishing touches I would deffinately recomend 10rudydoo at EtsyI am off now to buy some more !!

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Hi there, my children and I are moving over to the West side of Paris at the end of May to join my husband who is currently working there and would be very appreciative if anyone could recommend a removal company that were reliable. Having researched it on the internet, I have come across hundreds and have no idea where to start or what to look for in terms of transporting our goods over. Also, slightly off topic but what are people's thoughts on Rosetta Stone language course?? Many thanks Carly

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Hi I'm just wondering if anyone knows of any flea markets, antiques fayres, that sort of thing in and around the Paris area (we are based in the suburbs west of Paris). My friend is particularly interested in buying some glassware, don't know if there are places that are particularly good for this?Any help much appreciated

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anyone have any idea what i have to do ? we are leaving our rented house and need to terminate the utilities. The orange english speaking helpline have told me how to stop the phone/internet . our insurers are english speaking also , but gas /water/electric may be harder to get cancelled , help !

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