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good idea? what has your experience been?

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I have a Miele machine (about 10 years old) but great; I am suddenly totally confused by the new (as far as I can tell un-improved) bags at Cora; they have changed the names of the bags (I used to use the size "C/a") I cannot seem to find the same refernece number on the new bags; has anyone else had this problem?

started by: oscarparis · last update: 1267122577 · posted: 1266997423

We want to look for a new property but don't really have the time to do visits etc. Can anyone make a recommendation for a property hunter who speaks either English or Italian?

started by: azursky · last update: 1266923290 · posted: 1266923290

Where can i buy a laod of wooden logs for burning? And does anyone know if it is legal to collect fire wood in local forests and wooded areas?

started by: wendycgoh · last update: 1266342767 · posted: 1266342767

Does anyone know of someone who could repair an old, broken down freezer? I live in the 16th.

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Is there a number to dial so that I can see the number of the last person that called? Also can I mask my number when making a call by entering a code/number?

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i need broadband internet and tv in my studio. i know that there is a package with SFR for 30euro per month,but this includes a landline telephone too. i don't want the phone part of the package,just the tv and internet. is the sfr package still the best offer or does somebody know of a better deal that would suit me? thanks barry

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Does anyone have any experience of using carpet cleaning firms in Paris. If so I would like to hear your recommendations. Thanks

started by: marthaquest · last update: 1264704580 · posted: 1264607070

I'm replacing windows in my Paris apartment, and am tempted to buy at Bricoman, the large discount hardware supplier. Does anyone have any experience with their double-paned windows, or with their products/service in general? I am hoping they are a good alternative to the much more expensive windows which I could buy from local window suppliers; if anyone has any knowledge that they are of lesser quality I would appreciate knowing about it. Thanks.

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I have a car boot (trunk) full of stuff I don't want any more. In the UK I'd take it to the local charity store for them to sell/ ship to Africa/ whatever. Is there an equivalent in Paris? JamesN

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Where to Buy Logs/Fire wood. Hello Does anyone know where I can buy logs for the fire here in Paris? Also looking for fire dogs (I think that is what they are called, the metal thingies one props the logs up on before one lights them) and a fire guard. Any/all idea would be welcome. Thank you Rachel

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I moved here a few months ago and not everything I shipped made it. I live in Chartres and shop there, Maisons-Laffitte and Paris. I'm trying to find fabric, sophisticated shower curtains and heavy liners. Most of the ones I find look like they were designed for a children's bathroom or young adults. Something classy and understated would be nice. I am also looking for a source for a large knife block, the kind that hold kitchen knives and have a second section for steak knives. I have Henckel, Wustoff and Shun knives but it wouldn't have to be any of those. Don't need the knives just the block. Samara

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thrown away with the wrapping for a toshiba video camera where do I go online to find much needed info? cheers

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Hi all, My partner and I have recently purchased a flat that needs some work. It’s in good general condition, but has no ceiling lights in any of the bedrooms (there are 3) or the living room. We are looking to put these in and would like to know how much this is likely to cost. Any ideas? We live in the suburbs, not too far from Eurodisney. Thanks Teresa

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I went up to the loft for the first time in ages and found lots of what looks like wasp nests (hope they are not hornets). Do I need to get someone in to get rid of them? Or are there products I can buy to destroy them myself?

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Had huge success with my tomaotes in the summer (first try...) and would like to now replant for the autumn and the winter; but being a novice not sure what to grow next - any market gardeners out there with any advice?

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We are about to change our kitchen and was wondering - anyone tried any of the national kitchen chains or is a local smaller kitchen company a better option? I did have a kitchen redone once 12 years ago and it turned into a total nightmare with me ending up with only half of my kitchen for over 6 months - don't want to go through that again! Any recommendations?

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Need to call someone in Dubai and don't know where to look for the dailing code...

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I am looking for someone to erect some fencing in my garden.There are a number of specialist firms listed in Pages jaune but none willing to come out to me as I live in the country (dept 60).Does anyone know of someone preferably who speaks English!

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Hi, can anyone recommend an English speaking plumber please in north-east area of Paris? Many thanks.

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