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Hiya, My babycook needs to be repaired, but I need a receipt (facture) less than 2 years old (i've only used it for 15months).. the invoice will be returned - they say a week delay at Beaba. Can anyone help??? I'll refund your postal charges too when I return your invoice.

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For those with surplus produce, I wonder if you might like to look in on our website www.petites-fermiers.com It was suggested by one of our group that we include an Exchange facility on our new forum, TALKPF, so that people can advertise their 'swaps' to others within their own departments. Please be welcome to try it and perhaps you could spread the word around also. Hopefully it will work, and just maybe there is someone in your area just dying for some of your surplus courgettes or plums! We hope you enjoy our website, and very importantly, we hope you will find the information we provide useful. We have been here before and taken note of the comments sent in to us about the site. There are two more sections to be added in over the next week or so; one is a comprehensive section about keeping pigs, and the other our legal section, offering good quality information about keeping livestock in France. We really hope that you will look in on us regularly, and add us to your favourites for later on! Thank you PF

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Hey, I've just moved over to Paris from Scotland to join my boyfriend and would like someone to give our apartment a good clean. I've read about a cleaning company called 'Dip Clean' or something to that effect. Does anyone know of them and if so have a contact number for them? Diane

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Is there any one out there who can help!The Lock on my letter box has broken........so now it has no lock!In order to get it repaired its going to cost between 120/150 euros!!For a tiny little lock! Is this normal!?Is there any way i can buy a lock and do this myself?......and how!please help!ThanksLeah

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Looking to ship some furniture from Paris to New York and was wondering if anybody has a partially filled container need? Could we share the cost somehow? Any other advice on how to ship efficiently without breaking the bank? Thanks for your reply.

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Believe you can let them know that you are going away and that they keep an eye on your apartment - how do I sign up for this sort of thing?

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Hello,I have been living in an apartment in Paris since January, and for several months I have had a bad cough and congestion, including bronchitis. When we first moved in, there was mold on the walls, which we cleaned, but I'm wondering if it could be the mold that is making me sick. Does anyone know if there is someone you can call or some way that you can get the air tested in your apartment?Thanks for your help,Annie

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Found an AMAZING showroom (professional) but also sells to the public this am in the 8th, rue de Laborde opposite the MaritIme building, i.e. closer to the blvd Malesherbes end of that street - check it out, for men and women and really drop dead gorgeous stuff...

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I live in a flat in Paris that doesn't have a yard, but am considering growing fruits and/or veggies in pots on my window ledges/balconies. Has anyone done this? If so, what fruits and veggies grow well in pots? Thanks! Kimberly

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I do not have a very good offer from my telephone company - which sites/cards/whatever do others use?

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This Marché de la Gare is 10 minutes from Chatelet on RER A (station - Nanterre Ville, direction St Germain en Laye). Veg, meat, spices, smells noises, indefinable languages, and bargains galore and not a tourist in sight. The market is right next to the station and is open from 08:00 to 13h30 wednesday and saturday. Great fun, great food and something a bit different. Oh, and prices at a half of the centre of Paris! Train RER A from Chatelet/Auber to Nanterre Ville (direction St Germaine en Laye. Station is next to market.

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I am researching traditional french herbal cures, has anybody heard of any please. Susan

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Hi - is anyone aware of a web site where one can buy plants and other gardening stuff that the seller then delivers? I'm thinking of something like www.crocus.co.uk... any tips gratefully received. Failing that, does anyone know a good garden centre in or near the 16th, for balcony gardening? Thanks in advance! James

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Found great market. Every Saturday local artists sell their stuff at this great market. You can find all sorts - clothes, jewellery, photographs, paintings, sculptures. Even if you don't buy anything, it's great for a browse! Boulevard Richard Lenoir, (Arr 11), next to the Bastille

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From other sites I have found out that the light fitting in the middle of my living room ceiling is a DCL. This looks like a plug socket into which a bulb has been plugged, and there is also a hook next to the bulb. As the bulb is practically touching the ceiling, i.e. it doesn't dangle from a wire like in the UK, I don't see how I can hang a lampshade from it.So, my question is, I want to hang a normal bog standard lampshade from a light fitting like the ones we have in the UK, i.e. a plastic rose with about a foot of wire and a bulb on the end. Presumably I can get the equivalent of this which just plugs into the ceiling in place of the current bulb/plug affair? I've done a bit of searching on the diy stores websites and can't find such a thing. Could somebody point me to what I need to buy? Thanks. KPNuts

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I'm relocating from NYC to Paris and I need to get there as cheaply as possible. I have several pieces of furniture (one sofa, two living room chairs, a dining room set, and several bookcases, two bureaus, a china cabinet, and a queen bed). I also have numerous boxes filled with my clothes, books, and other personal affects. Any suggestions for a dependable, and most importantly, relatively INEXPENSIVE moving company? Thanks for any ideas you can offer!

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Would really like one, seems such a waste to throw away all the organic matter from the kitchen and the garden - does it have to be in the sun? Does it have to be plastic, the one's at my local garen centre seem frightfully expensive and the wife finds them ugly; must say, so do I Any ideas for an aesthetic do it yourself option?

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I know this is one of those million dollar questions.....Have been discussing a job located in Muax and Melun. I know they are quite far apart from each other. We are now living in Montpellier which we love, but very little job opportunities. We don't particularly want to live in 'the big city', we enjoy the quality of life in a smaller scale town, but still want the conveniences of being able to walk to the boulanger etc. Could anyone compare these two French towns to other satellite towns in the world - Croydon, Wimbledon, Horsham to London, or North Sydney suburbs to Sydney, Hong Kong island to Kowloon and so on?? Any other feedback on weather, cost of living, safety, convenience to airports would be much appreciated. Thank you! Montpellier

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When I was looking at apartments, we saw an apartment that had these silver window locks on the inside of the windows as a child safety tool. Does anyone know where these could be purchased? We are in Paris in the 6th. Andrea Orlando

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Does anyone have a US King size metal bed frame available for purchase? Needed for our bed, bed frames in Paris are smaller. Thank you, Andrea Orlando

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