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In my apartment building there is no place to recycle glass bottles and in my areas there are no visible places either. What should I do with them? I have accumulated quite a big collection and would like to get rid of them.

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Just a quick not to let you all know that there is actually a handy man that is handy. His name is Nazir and his company is called Socomat. Have a good Christmas one and all!!!

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I am doing the Etat des Lieux with my landlord next week and I am worried about not received my deposit with is over 1000 euros ... What is the law regarding my rights?

started by: Ismokehamalot · last update: 1228753781 · posted: 1228739759

I was told by a friend last night that the taxe d'habitation is for the landlords to pay NOT the renters. My landlord had told me that when I move out I must pay the amount due from the tax (about 450 euros)... is this 'normal'?

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My rent is 580 euros a month all charges included. I am wondering why landlords do this when obviously the price of heat, etc. rise and drop throughout the year. And the fact that the price is not based on one's consumption ... it tend to lead to people wasting energy...

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I just moved to Paris and I am living with a friend until I can find my own housing. Any ideas? I have looked at the fusac and been to the American Church.. but I am having a really hard time finding something at a reasonable price in Paris.

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Does anyone know how to actually call someone at this company - cannot find a telephone number anywhere on their site?

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Can pine trees be found in the Ile de France region?

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When I am back in the US for Christmas I plan I buy a new laptop... what do all you mac users recommend? I currently have the ibook G5.

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As I will be moving to India in early January I will ending my subscription to Neuf (for internet and phone) but I will need to use it up until I leave, yet I hear you must send in the Neuf Box. Is this true? If so, what should I do.

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Are there tree farms were families can go cut down their own Christmas Tree? How much does a tree cost roughly?

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Hi, I sell a second hand electric cooker set (vitreous ceramic) with oven. Brand: FAGOR mod.: Elegance type: 3CF-4V Price: 200 euros. You'll be in charge to pick it up in Paris the 17eme. If you are interested and want to see some pictures, write to esiano@gmail.com

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What essential oils are best for 'perfuming' one's appartment in order to create a calm, peaceful environment? I always use lavendar but want to try something new..

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We spent the first night in our new apartment in Paris. At about 2 in the morning we noticed that the electricity wasn't working. Our housefinding agent was there the following morning with a builder and he checked it out. It turned out that somebody had gone into the meter cupboard on the landing and nicked the fuse. Apparently these fuses are only available from the electricity company and people occasionally nick them so they can get free electricity. Has anyone heard of this happening and if so is it a common occurence? We're trying not to be paranoid but it has knocked our confidence somewhat. We can't understand how the electricity company allow these to be so easy to nick and now we're worried in case it happens again. As it is we were there for a further two days and didn't have any electricy because EDF didn't get round to replacing it before we left. KPNuts

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Where can I buy 'sour cream' ? Can it be found in France ?

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Hi. We are having problems finding someone to come and look at our malfunctioning electric radiators - we have made quite a few appointments but no one ever turns up! Have seen the listings for heating engineers on this site but what we would really like is a personal recommendation as we have already wasted a lot of time with no-shows. Any ideas? Thanks.CSM

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How (how long, etc.) do you roast chestnuts? And... I am curious... Is it difficult to make your own "marron glacé"/candied chestnuts? How is it done?

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Just wanted to let you all know about something new n exciting... A while back a friend of mine told me about a 'no-detergent laundry ball'. I tried it this weekend and works like magic! ...it's natural and will save you money. In French it's called a "boule de lavage sans lessive" You can find information about it on google. Here is a sight for example: http://www.robbywash.com/

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I would highly recommend "Dip Clean" Cleaning Service (we found them here in AngloInfo classifieds). The very professional and friendly manager, Gifty, oversaw two cleaning ladies who came to our 4-bedroom, toddler-afflicted apt. in the 3eme once a week for 2 months. They did a superb job, were always prompt, were reasonably priced and actually responded when I initially called for an estimate (after going through 3 other no-show/nonresponsive companies through the same classifieds.) We're leaving the country soon, but on our own initiative wanted to make sure we put in a good word for Dip Clean and Gifty; they were great. Rob G.

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I have been switching over to using 'eco' cleaning products. Where can I find a wide selection of cheap products, because I am on a tight budget and the products at Naturalia are too expensive.

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