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I am looking to buy a mini pressure cooker as I love to cook but live alone. I have been able to find the large ones but no smaller ones... Any ideas as to where to find this in Paris? Thank you.

started by: Claudi-78423 · last update: 1223895966 · posted: 1223664837

Question: Does anyone know where I could find "Uni Bond" here in Paris?? What is it called in French? Thanks.

started by: swatrous87 · last update: 1223480010 · posted: 1222702913

Any ideas about where I should buy a magimix? I would like to compare prices without having to run all over town...

started by: RachO · last update: 1222706203 · posted: 1222703068

I just recently moved into an appartment is the 14th and I was curious... does anyone else feel unsafe when you know that previous renters could have a copy of your keys?? Should I change my locks?

started by: Ann-Marie-75396 · last update: 1219082166 · posted: 1219080785

Me again with computer related issues. I need to have someone look at my computer. I saw the list of englsih speaking computer repair shops. But I would like to get a recommendation of one that is good and doesn't charge the earth, moon and stars.

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I decided to get the internet in my apartment along with the million tv channels etc. So I did as instructed on the internet providers website. I rang 'directory enquiries' to get the number of my apartment. I have the name of the last tennant as needed. But directory enquiries does not have a phone numner for my apartment. They had one 'free' number for the building but it is not the line going into my apartment. They told me I could plug a phone into the telephone socket dial a number (they gave me) and this would put me through to a computer that would tell me my phone number. I do not have a phone to fo this. So I checked the internet provider website again as the posters siad somethign about unlocking your phoneline without needing a 'pass' (or something like that) from the telephone company. But they still require the phone number of your apartment. I don't fully undersand how my apartment can have a phone line and not have a phone number. The line was activated at one point as far as I know so the number does exist. In Ireland I didn't need a phone number to get the internet. The modem was connected to the television cable or something so wasn't even anywhere near the telephone line as far as I remember. So does anyone know how to get the phone number of my apartment in a simple way? Or how to get the internet in a simple way? Has anyone else had a comlicated experience of getting the internet? Help me please?

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any recommendations?

started by: barrys-72709 · last update: 1215609009 · posted: 1215516943

Interested in buying a complete shower unit which is sold by Hudson Reed in the UK, US and various countries in Europe. The price in Europe is more than 50% less than the UK - but would the fittings be so different it would be useless in the UK

started by: Beatrice-77065 · last update: 1214607758 · posted: 1214580853

Does anyone know a reliable english-speaking plumber/handyman working in the 7th, as we need a new bathroom suite put in & tiling done in our (very small) bathroom & do not have enough French to have a plumbing conversation!

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Hi, does anybody know of any stores in Paris that sell/mix the various colours of dulux paint that we can get made up in the UK? I find the Bricorama selections quite plain. Help!!

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Saw a report about bread makers last night and the szavings you can make with one. Anyone alreagy using one of these and what are your impressions?

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Good afternoon, My wife and I are visiting Paris for a 'get comfortable' visit and we would like to look at apartments. (We have some preferred arrondissements already thanks to this forum). Here's the problem>>> even if we find a wonderful place we won't be ready to sign a deal for some time. Thus we're doing research and from the agent or landlord's perspective we're just browsing. (which is a waster of their time, right?) How do people normally do this? Will an agent be eager to show us apartments (in person) under these circumstances? thanks for a great forum!

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Would like to get recommendations for reliable, reasonable, shipping company to move from France to US.

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We understand that Paris apartment kitchens often come without cabinets, stoves or refrigerators. We also understand that most people take these things when they move. This seems like a lot of hassle (removing, re-installing, hoping the fit). Do Parisians not move very often? The hassle of getting a new apartment would support staying in place. Also these items seem awfully expensive for a non-permanent stay. Even if we stayed 3-5 years I don't want to be leaving behind a kitchen's worth of cabinets and appliances. Can kitchen furnishings (cabinets, fridge, stove) be rented ? How are the costs to do so? Or do most expats only rent avec cuisine equipe? Thanks for a great forum!

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I am looking for a trendy kitchen warehouse. Something like Moben in the UK. Where can I go?

started by: moving to paris · last update: 1209851148 · posted: 1206447979

Would like to bring some good pieces over, but would rather furnish the appartment in Paris - any good advice re decorators/furniture shops greatly appreciated. PS My French is rudimentary, so would prefer somebody that speaks English

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We have had our flat on the market for 3 months now and are having trouble budging it... is this a tricky period or something?

started by: davor-72240 · last update: 1208787694 · posted: 1204548198

in paris that speaks english and is esperienced/an expert in designing buildings with good handicapped access?

started by: honeypot78 · last update: 1207856539 · posted: 1207774955

Other than ikea, (which is the obvious one) does anybody know where i can purchase a budgeted price kitchen? Paris area only, please. Many thanks Donna

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Is it too late to prune my apple tree - does anyone know?

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