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Bonjour tous.  My husband, a Frenchman who is voting as an American for the first time this year, and I, will be in Paris on US Election Day, Nov. 3rd.  We would like to go to a bar/cafe to be with others - American and French -  who want to watch the results come in on television - LIVE!  Any ideas for us??  Merci!

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I am a Kenyan Lady in her late thirties and always wanted to learn French as well as experience the Culture first hand. Can only be able to do this once offered a job which will in turn enable me to get a working visa straight from the French Embassy here in Kenya. My profession is in Aviation, specialized in Air Freight (Cargo Sales Aviation). Can anyone advise if this is possible and how to / direct me to proper channels. Will be very grateful.

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Hi all, I'm posting this on behalf of a lady on AngloInfo Brittany, hoping that some kind souls may be able to contribute a small amount towards an operation for an abandoned cat. See here for details: http://brittany.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/222662/0/injured-cat-dilema/ Thanks for taking the time to read this. Best wishes. Linda W

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Dear All   I would like to know if someone can please give me contact details regarding French speach therapists in South Africa as i am looking for work for my girlfriend who comes from France but stays in Reunion at the moment.   if someone can please assist me ill appreciate it.   Regards Brandt

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Congratulations America!

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A law has just been passed in Belgium to control the stray cat population by obligatory sterilisation of all cats, starting with those being adopted being sterilised before they go to new owners (from now) then being applied to all cats that are sold or given away by individuals and breeders from sept 2014. Finally all stray cats in communes will be identified and sterilised (trap, neuter, release) A public petition has been started to get the same law passed for France.  With our massive amounts of stray cats and cats and kittens killed everyday because they are unwanted I think this is something that we should support.   You can sign the petition here http://www.petitionpublique.fr/?pi=P2012N29902 make sure, when you have signed that you click on the link in the email that you are sent to confirm your signature, this is to stop people just signing people up without their consent! More info on the new belgian law here http://wamiz.com/chats/actu/les-chats-domestiques-belges-bientot-tous-sterilises-2440.html (with a great illustration of how 2 cats can become over 20,000 in 4 years)

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Please read this: http://poitoucharentes.angloinfo.com/forum/viewtopic/118631/0/left-over-cat-contraceptive-pills/ If you read through, you'll see that I started the ball rolling for donations.  If this is something you'd like to help with, pm me and I'll forward 'weebs' name and address.  Even 2 euros will help. I know there are loads of charities out there who need help too, a couple of which I already donate to, but there's no way weebs' friends will be able to get this situation under control on their own and once all the cats are sterilised it's done and dusted so no more ongoing donations will be necessary. Please, no negative comments.  If this is something that you disagree with, please don't clog up the thread by posting to say so.

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"Wonderful" tribute to best friend On 14th October over 18,000 people will be taking to the streets of acrdiff to participate in the 10th annual Cardiff Half Marathon. Amongst them will be Hayley Gilks, an english expat living in France since 2005, dressed as Wonderwoman, raising money for Beating Bowel Cancer in memory of her best friend Lisa Almond who died on 8th February 2012 aged 41 from Bowel Cancer. Beating Bowel Cancer gave great support to Lisa throughout her illness and Lisa herself raised over £90 in a sponsored parachute jump whilst in remission. In an effort to continue Lisa's personal mission to raise awareness of the signs of bowel cancer Hayley has created a website (www.signsofbowelcancer.com) encouraging people to visit their GP if they are experiencing any of the classic symptoms: 1) Bleeding from the bottom. 2) A persistant change in bowel habits. 3) Abdominal pain. 4) A lump in your tummy. 5) Unexplained tiredness, breathlessness or dizziness. 6) Unexpected or unexplained weight loss. The website also carries information about the various fundraising schemes that Lisa's friends and bowel cancer "family" have initiated, including a Dragon boat race against England Rugby star Matt Dawson, an annual soho cabaret show and a sponsored walk and "Fun Day" in El Campello Spain, as well as Hayley's personal tribute to her much-missed friend. Diagnosed at the age of 35, Lisa found support and friendship amongst the users of the Beating Bowel Cancer website and was affectionately known as "Wonderwoman", hence the outfit choice for the Cardiff Half-Marathon. Hayley's sponsorship page is http://www.signsofbowelcancer.com/hayleys-fundraising-page.html with a link to her Virgin Money giving page. For postal donations please contact Hayley directly: hayleygilks@gmail.com

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I acquired a French friend on Facebook about three years ago.I have been in Paris for five weeks and we are finally meeting face to face on Thursday. He lives in a small town north of Paris; we are meeting at the train station; stopping by his parents home where he lives; and then meeting some friends of his for dinner in a restaurant. I want to do the correct thing in accordance with French customs. Should I bring a gift for his mother or his mother and father? Should I bring him a gift? He is not fond of wine and is a big fan of American sports.I know nothing about his parents. What is the appropriate thing for me to do? What gift, or gifts, should I bring?

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We are in Paris on a canal boat,but are leaving the boat mid June.As we dont come back to the boat until 24th August we are looking for any info on best places to visit,accommodation etc in Europe.We have been told Croatia,and would like to stay about a month in each place we visit.We dont drive ,so need to be near public transport.

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Hi Planning to buy an old UK registered classic car in Normandy. Car is driving but it's got no UK MOT. I'd like to MOT in Dover but unable to get insurance to drive it to Calais. Maybe someone even has a solution or returning to the UK with an empty car trailer who could pick it up? Price and date please. Thanks julian67@mail.com

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I am calling to all Filipino association leaving in France or any part of E.U to ask donation to your KABABAYAN who is suffering to collect any kind of donation.I can try to help by spreading this NEWS!pls reply where can we sent our donation to sent it to Philippines.(this posted from yahoo)to those who are abroad and have access to WATER PURIFICATION TABLES please buy what you can and send it to red cross Philippines this will help increase the supply of potable water and will help lower water borne diseases this donation is easy to purchase and send though couriers hope this suggestion will help -------------------------------------------------- lets move swiftly, courageously and steadfastly but lets be weary and not allow people to take advantage of the situation

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Do you find that you have to defend British cooking against a barrage of French criticism? How often have you heard how terrible our cooking is? Do you think that the day to day cuisine in your region is better than the day to day cooking of your home region? Let me know. Send me an email or post a comment. http://kerrydwyer.net/2011/11/04/boiled-beef-and-jelly/ Kerry

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Hello, my family would like to go and stay up in the snow for Xmas and New Year. We can be as small a group as 4 or as large as 10, we would prefer a house/chalet not an hotel. Not expensive. We prefer the area around Meribel, Courchevel and La Tania.Does anyone have any website recommendations.?thank you

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Ghent and Brugges -- I am going for a few nights in late November. I would appreciate hotel suggestions. Preferably on the cheap side and close to the train station. I was hoping for an all inclusive 3- or 4-day bus tour but these included Brussels and I only want to visit Ghent and Brugges. BMC0199@aol.com

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Hello, does anyone have details on any companies hiring installation electricians in Libya yet? Or any other place outside of France.

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my name is samson bennard and i am looking for someone for a cleaner in my house and office,someone very honest and relaiable.get intouch with me as soon as possible samsonbennard12345@gmail.comsamsonthanksmon nom est samson Bennard et je suis à la recherche d'une personne pour un ménage dans ma maison et de bureau, InTouch quelqu'un de très honnête et relaiable.get avec moi, dès que possible samsonbennard12345@gmail.comSamsonMerci

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