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Just wondering what is going on here.  Last Summer the CNE was introduced.  This is a work contract which applies to ALL EMPLOYEES in companies with 20 employees or less.  Basically with this contract a company can sack and employee without explanation or notice in the first two years of being hired. No protest, no marches, no union, no nothing. Now de Villepin is seeking to introduce the CPE.  This basically allows for the same treatment of people 26 years or younger in companies with more than 20 employees.  (They are really already covered for smaller companies with the CNE - like everyone else).  No big deal (I think).Now all hell breaks lose.  My questions: 1) Do I have my facts wrong ?3) Has this recent protest/marches etc. been "set-up" now to cause trouble for M. de Villepin ? 4) What kind of connection does Sarkozy have with the unions ? 5) Why is nobody talking or protesting about the CNE ?

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Following the events in Clichy and Aulnay sous Bois, it seems that the french government are keener to condemn the acts of these young "voyous" rather than seek the reasons for their behaviour. Ignoring the roots of the problem won't help, it will only cause further problems. Reactions?

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Minus something terrible outside; both tots sick and hubby on business trip, and to think that it is summer in the Southern Hemisphere!!!

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Is it just me or is it all too cheery and too forced and too much. Scrooge I suppose...

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