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Hi not sure if it helps, but myself I was looking to do some fostering of cats in while Im biding my time in Paris, after much searching I was put into contact with an agency who has some english speaking members who can help you get started fostering or adopting animals that are on the kill list at the SPA -sadly theres so many :( Anyway if you are like me and not sure you want to adopt fostering might be a good option as vet expenses are covered, as is litter - the only thing you need to do is pay for food and they have all kinds of cats and dogs for different lengths of time i.e. 2/3, 15 days 1 month - long term ect - you set your time frame. If you want details please reply here and Ill pass along what I have found out (I dont want to post my contacts details for fear of spam - you know how that is), but I figured if you dont know french and want to do something worthwhile with animals this might be useful. Alternatively if you know french and are looking to help in this arena or are in desperate need of advice, this site seems to be very active - and since I cant speak a word of french, I just pasted some questions into an online translation took (explaining I dont speak french) and people were very helpful. They seems to cover every area of france, not just paris http://rescue.forumactif.com/ - mind the popup tho (I guess the have to pay for bandwidth somehow) Cheers

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Hi, I am looking to get from France to the UK this week and my only problem is getting my pet cat over with me. I looked into getting the ferry over (and that seems like my best bet!) however i cannot drive nor can I travel with a pet as a foot passenger... So, I was wondering if anyone knew someone that is planning on driving to the UK from anywhere in France and had room for another person on the trip? I am willing to meet up at Calais or Dunkerque and cross to Dover or to Folkestone.My full itinerary is to go from Paris to York and I am very flexible. My cat is ready for travel (passport, injections, traveling bag, etc.).  Thank you !!Hollie Barrett.

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I'm having trouble finding a decent vet.  Can anyone please recommend a really good vet in Paris.  In, or near to, the 18th would be perfect, however and if it's a really good vet, I'd like to know about him/her.Thanks for considering this.

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My company is looking to get in contact with some therapy animals.  We wish to organize a site visit to help with anxiety and stress of touring while we are in Paris.  Can anyone please offer information on a therapist we could contact?  Thanks in advance! 

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The SPA at Beauvais is appealing for help following the floods which have left the kennels in dire need of help cleaning and donations of  blankets, bedding and towels.  If you can help please contact via any of the following:55, rue aux Pierres CavĂ©e - 60000 Beauvais03 44 48 02 50e-mail: spa-beauvais@orange.frwebsite: spa-de-beauvais.sitego.frFacebook SPA Beauvais

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LAARF is a group of mainly English speakers who are volunteering at dog and cat refuges around the country. As a group, we have tried to find dog and cat refuges in and around Paris who will accept volunteer help in caring for their animals, but we are struggling to do so from a distance. Does anyone already volunteer somewhere, or know of anywhere that will accept walkers and cuddlers in the area? So many people would love to help, it would be great to be able to help them help the animals. www.LAARF.com

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Hi, do you think there is a demand to take your pet on holiday? If so, what has been your experience, have you had a choice or have you struggled to find somewhere?

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Hi! We are looking to buy a cockerpoo puppy (we are a swedish couple living in France).It´s almost impossible to find in France, do you have any recommendations on kennels? All the best,Siri & Tobias 

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I am in Paris unti the end of the month then I am back going home to the US. We have a farm house there with a dog, 2 horses, 2 sheep, chickens and 2 cats. One of our cats died and I would like to bring a kitten with me to surprise my son. Can anyone suggest anything? This will be an indoor only cat (we like our wildbirds around the house...). A female please, she will be spayed (if not already). I suppose vet hospitals have adds but I don't speak french. thanks Daphne

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If so, then find out more about it by reading this article: http://www.thegoodlifefrance.com/expats-volunteer-opportunities-in-france-with-laarf/ Or join the LAARF volunteer network (Les Amis des Animaux en Refuges de France) on: Facebook: LAARF SPA Volunteer NetworkWebsite: laarf.comEmail: info@laarf.com

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Hi, is it just me or is anybody else feeling we are being "used", "abused" and "taken for a ride" with Cannel crossing charges for our pets? I can book a car with up to 9 people in it on a channel crossing for as litle as £63 rtn., but put one dog in the car and they want another £30. For what, the dog stays in the car, it is easily identified by a micro chip, no trying to match up an old photo to a dishevelled face like my passport, I get cafe, toilets, rest ares at the port, duty free shops, musak, lounges with comfy chairs etc on board while the poor old dog has to sit down in the car deck locked in the car. Doesn't seem fair to me, even with five people in the car that's only £12.60 each, with all those facilities for our comfort and the poor old dog, or cat, is charged £30 with nothing laid on.. no it doesn't seem fair to me. Now it is not DEFRA who charge the fee, I've checked, it is solely down to the channel crossing companies. Why? Is the answer just greed and "because they can?" and is there anything we can do about getting a better deal?

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What's the best dog walking park in Paris?  Is there a park with a leash free daily dog group?  

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Hi I am looking for a dedicated dog sitter to look after my 5 year old, neutered Yorkshire Terrier. He's a very friendly and happy little guy, weight about 8kgs, is well trained and just plain adorable :). I need a person who is caring, loving, responsible and reliable. It would be for every Wednesday but occasionally there might be additional days. Ideally, the person should live in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, close enough for me to be able to drop him off at 10h00 and collect him at 18h00. Or he could be collected from my apartment and dropped off again at the end of the day. Is there such a person out there? I had a really lovely lady for about a year but unfortunately she moved out of Paris. Please reply asap. Many thanks.  

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Bonjour,  We are planing to return to our house in France with our 5 dogs, we desperately looking for  assistance in Paris CDG airport, we have contacted pet import Goldenway but so have no answer.   Does anyone know of any other company in Paris that offers pet import and transportation service?    (we have used Goldenway taking our dogs out of France they were great just can't contact them right now.)  Any information will be greatly appreciated.    

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Have just moved to Paris and been told the devastating news that our adored Parsons Jack Russell has stage 4 cancer and is unlikely to survive more than a few weeks.  Ideally we would like him to end his days at our permanent home in the Sud Ouest but if he deteriorates badly before mid Dec we will need to have him euthanaised.  Does anyone know anything about pet cremation in Paris.  CAn I do this through our local vet?  

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Hi All, I have a big problem in the form of two horses who are the best of friends and dont cope with living  in a herd situation, so most livery yards in the area arent suitable, I am looking to rent a field of about  one hectare  that I could put a field shelter on, or a yard that is not too big that will let me keep them together, stabling with the grazing is great if its not too expensive. I live in the midi pyreness at the moment and I am potentially moving up to Gif sur Yvette in the summer, anywhere within 30 mins driving of Gif Sur Yvette would be great, or a small livery yard that I can join but keep my horses on their own, stabling is great if not too expensive.

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Hi all im looking for a pet sitter, for my kitty in sept/oct..  Any suggestions? :-D  

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Good news. The new LAARF (Les Amis des Animaux des Refuges en France) SPA and refuge volunteer network is doing so well. Angouleme SPA reported on Thursday that EVERY dog had been walked since the beginning of the week. If you'd like to volunteer at your local SPA, walking dogs, cuddling cats, taking photos, even grooming and cleaning, please contact your SPA directly, or join the LAARF group to hook up with a companion. There are plenty of kind people who will accompany you for your first visit. It really, really makes a difference to the welfare of the animals. Thank you The LAARF group can be found: Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/433692586732464/ Website www.laarf.com

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Is there any technicians, or veterinarians who can do dog teeth cleaning without anesthetic? My dog has a heart murmor and his vet has recommended that teeth cleaning be done. I have had it done in Canada, is this offered in Paris or surrounding areas?

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Bambu - male Podenco - from his new adoptive home on Monday in the Orly area.  Please contact the following number on the attached link if you see him please!  Do not try to catch him as he is very scared :( http://doglinks-france.com/2013/12/04/missing-from-his-new-home-in-dept-94-near-orly-help/  

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