if you want to foster or adopt in paris region

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Hi not sure if it helps, but myself I was looking to do some fostering of cats in while Im biding my time in Paris, after much searching I was put into contact with an agency who has some english speaking members who can help you get started fostering or adopting animals that are on the kill list at the SPA -sadly theres so many :( Anyway if you are like me and not sure you want to adopt fostering might be a good option as vet expenses are covered, as is litter - the only thing you need to do is pay for food and they have all kinds of cats and dogs for different lengths of time i.e. 2/3, 15 days 1 month - long term ect - you set your time frame. If you want details please reply here and Ill pass along what I have found out (I dont want to post my contacts details for fear of spam - you know how that is), but I figured if you dont know french and want to do something worthwhile with animals this might be useful. Alternatively if you know french and are looking to help in this arena or are in desperate need of advice, this site seems to be very active - and since I cant speak a word of french, I just pasted some questions into an online translation took (explaining I dont speak french) and people were very helpful. They seems to cover every area of france, not just paris http://rescue.forumactif.com/ - mind the popup tho (I guess the have to pay for bandwidth somehow) Cheers

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What a good idea, at least these animals can have a nice life whilst they wait for their forever home....

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I have just moved to Paris for the year and I'm looking to foster a dog. If you could pass on those details you mentioned in your post, I would be very grateful. I also don't know French.

My email is junkiescience@gmail.com.

Thanks so much,

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Hi Everyone,

I just adopted two adorable little cats from www.respectons.org.  They are a french organization and I believe they are connected throughout France. (I live in Paris.)  They seem to be actively seeking foster families too.

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Hi isdngirl - I'd be interested in knowing more about this as I would like to foster for shorter time periods (based in Paris but need to travel a lot). I don't speak French either.

Thanks a lot :)

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Hi, I live in paris (and will be for the next 2 years) and am looking to foster a dog. Could you please forward me the information on how to foster? Thanks Laurenngillette@yahoo.com

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I'd be interested in the contact details Isdngirl if you are still around.

Thank you

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Hello, I am living in Paris and my roommate and I are very interested in fostering! If there are any of these details that can be passed on, I would really appreciate it- acporras7@hotmail.com 

Thank you!

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Hi! Thanks so much for this post! My girlfriend and I live in Paris and would like to foster a dog. Please email me the details you have. Thanks!

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Would love information on shorter term fostering in Paris (1-2 months). Thank you!


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Would really appreciate any details you could give me about this! I’m very interested in fostering a cat (or a dog) but I live in a tiny 20m sq studio and that wouldn’t be fair to the the poor pupper and haven’t found any concrete leads. Thank you!


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