Looking to travel over from Paris to the UK with my cat !

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Hi, I am looking to get from France to the UK this week and my only problem is getting my pet cat over with me. I looked into getting the ferry over (and that seems like my best bet!) however i cannot drive nor can I travel with a pet as a foot passenger... So, I was wondering if anyone knew someone that is planning on driving to the UK from anywhere in France and had room for another person on the trip? I am willing to meet up at Calais or Dunkerque and cross to Dover or to Folkestone.My full itinerary is to go from Paris to York and I am very flexible. My cat is ready for travel (passport, injections, traveling bag, etc.).  Thank you !!Hollie Barrett.

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Or you can contact one of the pet travel service providers listed here: https://www.angloinfo.com/paris/directory/paris-dogs-cats-pets-animals-243 Safe travels!

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I realise that it's a bit late now, but in the future you could try Pet-moves.  Barry always takes our dog for us, and she gives him a huge greeting when she sees him.


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