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Bonjour, is there any women looking to travel this summer ? I would love to travel, but want a " buddy" , I don't like to travel alone, especially when I visit non English speaking countries ..

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Hi,  I love living in Paris, but I do miss my monthly poker game - low-stakes but high value. Anyone interested ? I would be glad to host in our apartment in the 7th (near American Library). Dealer's choice, no experience required, all genders and passports welcome.

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Bonjour all, I am looking to create a small travel group, to share in exploring places for long weekends . You must like shopping, and eating. :)i did this back home, and it was a lot of fun , i make no money from this , i just want to meet people, who share the same interests ..my group usually visits historical sites, museums ,and a Jazz club if you don't like these things, no problem, you can " do you" . .and create your own list .contact me if you have any questions merci C

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What a pity that media coverage is focussed (largely) on the hooligans; the ambiance in Paris is just great! Fans everywhere; decked out in their team's colours. The Fan Zone at the Eiffel Tower is FAB.

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Hi,  can anyone give me some advice as to how I obtain certification/recognition of my UK teaching qualifications so that I can get the French equivalent BEESAM.  Despite completing an on-line application form this was back in July 2015 and all I have had was an acknowledgment and nothing else.  I understand I cannot work for the Marie de Paris without this certificate and yet they seem to be just holding onto the application.  Is there anywhere I can go personally and get this done this month and not wait for yet another year? Thanks

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Can someone kindly recommend a horse riding or pony club in or near Paris that has English speaking instructors?  We live in 16e and so bois de boulogne is convenient but haven't found any English speaking instructors for my daughters and my wife and I.  We are all relatively new to riding although I rode a lot when I was younger and my daughter completed the course at Jardin d'acclimation but had a hard time understanding what was going on due to the language barrier.  Thank you!

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Is it nearly time for the Paris Plages? I have never been in Paris when this is on but I hear it is fun with lots to see and do.

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My husband and I are interested in taking tennis lessons. Does anyone have a recommendation as to where or the name of a tennis teacher? We live in the 6th, so would love to find someone/somewhere close by but am willing to metro. Email: kathryn.ivey@gmail.com Thank you!

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Does anyone know when the team arrives at CDG?

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Do you enjoy playing ping pong? Join our meetup group and come play ping pong every week. All levels welcome. We're currently playing outdoors, but should change to an indoor gym for the winter. "Expat Ping-Pong and Other Fun Things in Paris" http://www.meetup.com/Expat-Ping-Pong-and-Other-Fun-Things-in-Paris/

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You were GREAT!!!  

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Battling to find out date and time of same - not a "foot" fan but love these huge openiongs and suppose that the South Africans are going to put on a good show, but cannot even find info on opening ceremony on the FIFA site...

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AND we won the Six Nations! What a weekend!!!

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Hello I have recently moved to Paris from Australia and am a keen road cyclist or fitness and maybe the odd race, I will be living in the 17th and am wondering where would be the best place to ride?? I have seen the bois de boulogne looks popular amongst cyclist? Is this a good place to ride?Can anyone give me some advice or groups that ride around this area or recommend a place to ride.

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As strange as it sounds I can not find a local cycling club close to Le Chesnay (78) for  casual weekend rides. I am not fussed about racing etc but am keen to improve my ability having been away from the sport for a few years. As with my golf, it fair weather only. Any info on suitable clubs is appreciated as is anyone who fancies getting in touch for a few hours ride. simon

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Can someone tell me if any French Online bookmakers show English football, Premiership etc? All the ones I've tried tend to just show French league.   Thanks in advance.

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Hi, I used to live in USA and moved to Paris two years ago. I used to play board games in USA, but since I moved to Paris, there are not so many chance to play them. Does anyone know of any board game clubs by English-speaking people in Paris? Or are there anybody who are interested in euro board games? I sometimes play board games with French people but it would be great if I could play games with English-speaking people, too. Thanks, Chocorua

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TENNIS COURTS Where can I play tennis, at public courts, or private club in the 8th, 17th, or 9th arrondisments ? thank you

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I foolishly persuaded my fiancée that we could save money by waiting until the last minute before booking our holiday this year. Does anyone have any tips on how we can find out the best deals?

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On the 14th - Brazil vs France: http://www.poloclubchantilly.com/

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