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After last weekends rugby any one ready to venture an outcome on saturdays France vs SA game? Does anyone know of a good pub or restaurant close to Stade de France?

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davor-72240 1132594223

Of course SA will lose, no question!!!

Ian-72378 1132655921

23 SA - France 16 ???

julie-72363 1132769733

saw the boks at practice today in chantilly - AWESOME!!!! They look like the winning team!!!

camille-72237 1132824357

Is it true that Percy arrived at the last moment for the training session, and if so why??

julie-72363 1132824807

Yes it IS true, do not know why, but he ceratinly arrived to thunderous applause from the rest of the Boks. It was really very excitieng to see them, it was a closed training session, so other than some SA journalists, it was just the team and about 15 spectators  ... awesome!

davor-72240 1133090403

I TOLD you so!!!! Yipppeeeee

Ian-72378 1133271349

So I got it wrong. The Boks lost.Did they actually try to play?

France is hosting the World Cup in 2007 ? Anybody like to venture an outcome.

davor-72240 1133339625

Well, unlikely to be anyone BUT "les bleus!"

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