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does anyone know if there is a Bickrim yoga studio in Paris, if so where?? PEACE & LOVE !!!

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pdr 1148589093

What?? I must have been living here for too long...

kdr-72518 1148644625

It is called Bikram Yoga.

No, do not know of a class in Paris. 

dave-72400 1148644733

What does Bikram offer that is different from other types of yoga?

Nicole-72721 1148665645

Bikram is an amazing detoxifyer!  First class is hell though so be prepared.Check out the American FUSAC magazines that are around (free from Colombus coffee and American Library for e.g.) and the yoga studios all have ads in there, including Bikram which has english speaking classes twice a week I think... Bon chance!

susie-72370 1148746896

Nicole: "Bikram which has english speaking classes twice a week I think"

Do you have an address or tel number for the above?

scotch-72867 1148980604

Hi, YOGA BIKRAM PARIS is at 17, rue du Faubourg Montmartre, 75009 PARIS,  tel 01 42 47 18 52 or

very hot!

Enjoy, Jo

susie-72370 1149023038

Thank you so much Scotch for the address - not sure I am brave enough though, sounds a little daunting...

scotch-72867 1149067465

Don't be a baby!  Go for it!  You no what they say " The best Yoga session you ever had is................THE ONE YOU MISSED!"


susie-72370 1149404263

EXactly, which is why I'll carry right on missing them :-))

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