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Hi, I used to live in USA and moved to Paris two years ago. I used to play board games in USA, but since I moved to Paris, there are not so many chance to play them. Does anyone know of any board game clubs by English-speaking people in Paris? Or are there anybody who are interested in euro board games? I sometimes play board games with French people but it would be great if I could play games with English-speaking people, too. Thanks, Chocorua

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I'd play some board games too, in French or English, but I can't help you out with any groups because I've sort of just moved here (was here for a few months in autumn). But if you want to try to start a group (/if you wound up starting one or finding one), I'd be interested.


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Hi everyone,


I live in Paris for like 2 years now and would like to start up a new board game (gamer) club. Anyone interested in playing once every 2 weeks (fortnight) or even better, weekly?


I have a decent selection of games, and even some in French (OMG...) :)


Let me know who is interested. No previous experience required ;) Just looking for 4-5 people where we can have some fun for 2-4hrs (depending on the game). French players are welcomed!



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There are several places you can try - Meet-Up have an English-speaking Boardgamers of Paris Group, Time Out has a list of bars and cafés with boardgames available, including L'Oya Café 25 rue de la Reine Blanche in the 13th.

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