Charity Football match in Paris, June 20th

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Hi everyone. I run a site called - am based in paris and this summer we are holding a Charity Day on June 20th. Theres events in Scotland, Wales, South Africa and of course here in Paris. One of the events is a Charity football game - where an XI of my choice, are going to play a Darren Tullett XI hopefully (he presents Match of ze Day - British footy on French tv) - so there should be a few familiar faces. What I was wondering is 1) If anyone knows the best place to get the game played, 2) If anyone would pay to play against the Celeb XI (obviously the money goes towards our total), and if so how much? 3) Of any bars that would be interested in holding a non-exclusive after-event party - I'm in talks with a few bars and got a couple of meetings soon, but not quite what I'm looking for so far. Any ideas are welcome, thanks Dominic

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dave-72400 1239029915

Nots sure I understand the first question - are you looking for a pitch?

domoshea 1239030273

yeah I am, somehwere where people can stand and watch the game or if there's a small seated stand ideally. Any ideas?

dave-72400 1239033331

Do you have any connections at the British or American schools - both have excellent sport facilities; there is also the Standard Athletic Club - not sure if they would give/loan/hire out their fields to non-members though...

domoshea 1239049996

No, do you? Any connections yourself? Or would you like to play?

rory d 1239294642

Have you found a playing field? Have you contacted the Paris GAELS - they might have or know of a pitch for you to use:

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