Looking to start a small travel group , for long weekends

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Bonjour all, I am looking to create a small travel group, to share in exploring places for long weekends . You must like shopping, and eating. :)i did this back home, and it was a lot of fun , i make no money from this , i just want to meet people, who share the same interests ..my group usually visits historical sites, museums ,and a Jazz club if you don't like these things, no problem, you can " do you" . .and create your own list .contact me if you have any questions merci C

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A lovely idea coco, I hope that you get lots of replies.  I spend all of my spare time in Burgundy, or I would be interested in any kind of dining, especially if it involves a jazz club.

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Hi Tigger,

I do not understand, are you working in Paris ? or visit once in a while ? also, looking for a place to go, to learn to ski ..never did it, but since its long winters here, I am trying to make the best of the seasons ..

let me know


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Hi Coco

Yes, I work in Paris and, sometimes in the U.K.  There is not much catering work in Burgundy.  We have an apartment in Paris and a home in Burgundy.  This is why I'm often between the two places.  However and when I'm not working, I always go back to Burgundy, which is where my heart is. 

With regards to skiing, have you seen this link?


Be happy!

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hi, thank you for the link, BUT they only do departures from the UK .

a great link, too bad, its not good for Paris departures

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There would be the equivalent but run by French, for the French that leaves from Paris..

Tigger-459388 1519234093

Oops!  I should have noticed that Coco, sorry.

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