Men's Ice Skating

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Not only Brian Joubert who was a disappointment. I wonder whether they should not have fewer competitions ahead of the Olympics, have never seen such tired looking skaters and such tired-looking routines. A real dissapointment....

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rail 1140185227

Totally agree - huge flop this time around!

kim-72239 1140457639

Agreed, the couple's stuff is also hugely disappointing this Olympics, a lot of seriously jaded and faded couples.

Makes me think of those terrible dancing competitions that they used to have during The Depression, where couples would try to dance for hours and hours in the desperate hope of winning some prize or the other....

Where has all the fun and daring gone?

rail 1140460067

YES - where has all the excietement gone?

dave-72400 1140793511

Not sure that it isn't more to do with the judging, look at last night, take no risks and get gold, fall over the ice - get silver (!) skate with authority and integrity and power, make one tiny error and get bronze - go figure!

beachbum-72364 1140861850

And then there was the Gala, no pressure from the judges and the judging "system" and it was absolutely brilliant, sorry it is all over... bar the shouting!

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