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The atmosphere accross France on Saturday night was something very special, and something so different to what we all lived through last autumn. For a change almost everyone was French, racial differences were forgotton, if France lose tonight will it all revert to how it was before, the old tensions and hatred returning. Over the last few week I have heard numerous people saying that the world cup is all hype etc etc, but this really is a 'feel good' time for everyone living in France, the summer is here, the team are doing well, and just imagine if the team go on and win it....fete national will last all week!!  

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nat-72983 1152098016

Wasn't it TERRIFIC, even the metros were honking at each other!!!

barrys-72709 1152098740

What time is the match tonight?

Niamh63-72770 1152100923

9pm on TF1 or on a big screen at Stade Charlety as someone else helpfully pointed out.

Rory-72769 1152101743

The metro we were on was crazy - the driver let 3 or so lads into his little cabin and they chanted and sang the whole way home over the intercom.


lolie-72759 1152144626

Tonight is wilder, GREAT atmosphere in the City of Light, and the city of honking cars, and flag waving citizens, and singing and fireworks and FUN!

Shelley-72978 1152375458

Just think how mad it'll be on Sunday if La France are victorious!  Superb...can't wait and I shall be rooting for them all the way!


rail 1152393160

Still no big screen at the Hotel de Ville?

peter-72241 1152393687

As far as know, still nothing at the Hotel de Ville, but some additional veues will be:

Stade Jean Bouin 

20h : final
17, avenue Pierre de Coubertin
75016 Paris
Métro : Porte de Saint-Cloud

Parc des Princes 

24, rue du Commandant Guilbaud
75016 Paris
Métro : Porte de Saint-Cloud ou Porte d’Auteuil

Carreau du Temple 

Final followed by a Queen concert, including - of course - « We are the champions »
1, rue Dupetit Touars
75003 Paris
Additional information: 01 53 01 75 24
Métro : République, Temple 

Entry = free, have fun!

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