Recognition of UK ASA Swimming Qualifications by the French

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Hi,  can anyone give me some advice as to how I obtain certification/recognition of my UK teaching qualifications so that I can get the French equivalent BEESAM.  Despite completing an on-line application form this was back in July 2015 and all I have had was an acknowledgment and nothing else.  I understand I cannot work for the Marie de Paris without this certificate and yet they seem to be just holding onto the application.  Is there anywhere I can go personally and get this done this month and not wait for yet another year? Thanks

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which body was behind (responsible for) the online application? Probably best to start there.

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French bureaucracy was ever thus.  Go to the Mairie and ask.  I have found that the Mairie is great at giving information.  From then on, it's a nightmare.  Go to the office that is handling your paperwork and ask about it. Then, when you get fobbed off, tell them that you'll be coming back and do so.  You'll need to keep this up until you get the result that you require. You may find that you'll be nagging them for months but, if you don't, you may find that you'll be waiting for years.

I wish you the very best of luck.

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