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My husband and I are interested in taking tennis lessons. Does anyone have a recommendation as to where or the name of a tennis teacher? We live in the 6th, so would love to find someone/somewhere close by but am willing to metro. Email: Thank you!

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There is a list of Tennis clubs here if this helps, we borrow a local court and just have a game every now and then - neither of us are very good but its great fun !

franc 91 1433843148

If you look at the website of the Mairie du 6e, you will see that you can play tennis in the Luxembourg Garden. It's a matter of finding out when you can book an available time slot (créneau).

I quote - 

Renseignements et inscriptions à l'accueil des tennis (tennis courts) et au 01 43 25 79 18 - 3 rue Guynemer. Pour les créneaux publics, s'adresser à l'accueil des tennis du Luxembourg (Pavillon Raynal) près du terrain de longue paume ou réservation en ligne sur internet à partir du portail

There are tennis clubs elsewhere in Paris that you can join, but if you are in the 6th, this would be the closest.

franc 91 1433846181

The other place you might like to go to, assuming that you have the means to get there and that is The Standard Athletic Club in la Forêt de Meudon.  There you can play tennis in an English-speaking environment.

The Standard Athletic Club - - 

Route Forestière du Pavé de Meudon 92360 Meudon-la-Forêt

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