Winter Olympics

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Well, there we are the flame is lit! Two weeks of GREAT sport before us...enjoy!

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rail 1139613140

there's even a (dread-locked) guy from Ethiopia! FAB, no matter where we all come from - each of us will have someone to cheer for over the next few weeks.

Vive le sport...

karen-72236 1140531043

My absolute favourite is the bi-athlon; have just screamed myself silly with the dead heat...Vive la France! Vive le roi Poirée!

La Fille-72428 1140545433

Isn't it brilliant! Completely hooked, even on the Curling (sad!)


La Fille

karen-72236 1140562153

curling is not sad, it is completely bizarre!!!

karen-72236 1140735925

YES, what a magnificent battle by the French women's bi-athletes! Well done!

dave-72400 1140735978

Pity we have to work, could have spent the whole of the last two weeks glued to the telly...

sdr-72521 1141056042

what a pity it's all over, all that fun, and in the "right" timezone too! Will have to get up very early to enjoy the live coverage from Vancouver!

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