World Cup opening ceremony

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Battling to find out date and time of same - not a "foot" fan but love these huge openiongs and suppose that the South Africans are going to put on a good show, but cannot even find info on opening ceremony on the FIFA site...

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see what you mean, info re everything (even how to say "hello" in Zulu) but nothing re the opening ceremony; found the FIFA Fan Guide online here: but as it is several pages long - did not have time to troll through it all - hope it helps!

dave-72400 1276091034

rachel - opening ceremony at 14:00 GMT (15:00 here) and will ve shown live on TF1

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The concert at Orlando stadium was live on the BBC last night

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What sad news that one of Mandela's grandchildren (only 13) died in a road accident after the concert

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If you a football lover, you better should not miss the grand opening ceremony on 12th of June 2014 that will be a party night. Beyonace and Pit-bull will going to make the environment cool and hot at the same time (unfortuantely JLo is not performing). Hey! Are you not in Brazil? Well, me neither but I have found something very useful. Here’s the link: to a list for all the online broadcasters that will cover the live ceremony.

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