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The Carré Senart in Lieusaint in the 77 is offering free initiation into accrorbanche, golf, rollerblading and climbing, several associations taking part too; so if you live in the area, it is a neat way of getting the kids active, out of the rain and letting them have some fun as well As far as I know, this operation ends on Saturday, and the activities take place between 11h00 and 19h00 www.carre-senart.com

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Does anyone know what time it is, know it is on Sunday, but that is as much as I know, whilst looking for same found the official site in English (better late than never :-) http://en.beijing2008.cn/; but still no time for the ceremony...

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Hi there, Does anyone know of any English choirs in the Parisian region? I'm no Whitney Houston and I can't read notes, but I do love to sing (Christmas Carols, gospel, classical, pop, anything really) and pick things up relatively quickly. I live in the Val de Marne, so something along the RER A and E would be great. Doing things on one's tod isn't too much fun, so, if I do find an English choir, would anyone be interested in coming with me? :-)

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Perfect weather to watch the final stage through Paris

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Any must-sees in either town, will be there for a week's break? Seemed far enough and close enough if you know what I mean...

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Can anyone recommend a could gym to use that is not to expensive with good facilities?

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not happy with the gym i have been going to - they open up too late and they close at lunchtime - any recommendations of gyms in central Paris?

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Wish he were my son! Well done young man - roland garros is turning out very well after all...

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anyone going out there this weekend - if so would love a lift, prepared to share petrol cost

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Where can I get tickets for the Rolland Garros tennis comptition? Does anyone have any spares going for a big game?

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Have just organised a birthday surprise in a spa hotel for my boyfriend and what with the treatments etc this has cost me 500 euros for a 24 hour stay! Ludicrous! Hope it is good. If anyone has a cheaper recommendation plese let me know for next time!

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Are social/sporting clubs an available way to meet new people? My wife and I are active and would gladly use sporting clubs to make new friends. We're open to new sports but for now we're into hiking and biking, she's into tennis and I play hockey. (I'll even try football/soccer since its Europe!) Thanks for a great forum!

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where to buy a decent one - prefer online purchase?

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Have visitors coming out that would like to participate, have checked out their site but cannot find any info re hiring rollerblades - does anyone know where/if these can be hired in Paris? (Have inclued link to their site below) http://www.pari-roller.com/index.php?p=101

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Hi, we are moving over to Paris in June and, my son who is 19 enjoys a game of cricket and will be looking to join a team. At the moment he speaks very little french and, we are hoping this will not be too much of a problem for him at the moment. If anyone knows of a friendly team he could consider joining, I would appreciate your repies. Thank you

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Since I have been living here in France I havn't seen one betting shop. Is there any reason for this? steph

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Hello - I'm organizing a very special 30th Birthday for a friend on the 24th May 2008 in the 8e. I want to find a caterer that can prepare and possibly supply service to a dinner/drinks party of 12 people. They should be mid-high range in their price scale, and provide sophisticated service! It would be great if they knew where to hire tables, chairs etc too but this isn't essential. Any help much appreciated, after organizing my wedding in the UK, I know what I want re caterers, I just don't know how to go about it. Thank you so much Sophie Sophie

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Paris Gaels Gaelic club are organizing a Hurling andCamogie open day (Irish game with Hurling sticks), on April 5 at 14h30 in Pershing Vincennes, RDV 14h sharp at cafe Terminus or at Stade PershingRumoiur has it that it's the fastest played ball sport in the world...come and put your skills to the test.All very welcome welcome, Men and Women to turn up and try it - contact mickocryan@yahoo.com if any questions.Tel 06 07564124 mic

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Hi - We're in Paris with racquets and are hoping to play at the Luxembourg Gardens. Can someone explain the system of reserving a court? It isn't available online at this time. Anyone interested in playing some doubles? We're 4.0 players from SF area.

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