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in the eruopean's women's gymnastics competition - bodes well for the olympics!

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does anyone have a gite that they can recommend in the camargue?

started by: anna2-74619 · last update: 1207237269 · posted: 1207074853

I used to do this sport at Uni a few years ago and would love to pick it back up. Any ideas on where I can take a class?

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We will be in Paris for the Final Four this coming weekend. Will the University of North Carolina games Saturday - and Monday!! - be on TV anywhere?

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I went skiing last week and used soleil noir sun protection on my lips. They still managed to burn pretty badly however so I was wondering what other sun protection options people had been going for this ski season?

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can france retain their 6 nations title?

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Ive just moved to Paris and Im looking for some English speaking people to go cycling with. I mainly ride road but I have a mountain bike too so I would be up for that. Im 32 and in pretty good shape. I used to ride around 60 mile road trips but its been a while! Im up in the 19th. Would be good to hear from anyone interested. Cheers, Jim

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have a great ski-ing break one and all!!!

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Looking for a bums and tums class in the city to fight the bulge! Any ideas?

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Glued to the telly I shall be! Saturday, 02 February 2008 England v Wales, 17:30 Ireland v Italy, 15:00 Sunday, 03 February 2008 Scotland v France, 16:00

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Just had a nasty surprise after buying an unwanted gym membership from a girl and then finding out i have to pay an extra 120 euro fee on top of the price although i am already a member of the gym (membership about to expire). Who is to blame and what can i do about this?

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Hi there, I'm looking for a running partner in Paris early mornings, for 5-12k runs typically on Monday-Wednesday. If this intersts anyone, let me know.

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Hope someone out there can help - my cousin is spending this week in Paris on holiday - his 40th birthday present from his wife. He's asked me to find out if there's a running club or group he can join just for this week. Yes, I know he's a saddo - on holiday, in Paris, with his wife and he wants to go running!!!! Strange guy. Anyone out there know of a running group in central Paris who would welcome a visitor for the week? He is driving me nuts sending me texts every 5 minutes wanting progress reports.... Please help. Lauroux

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Looking for advice on renting a small apartment or even hotel room in one of the big resorts for the end of this month. I have heard Resid'Hotel are good. Does anyone have any experiences to share with me?

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Want to go on a ski holiday this end of year or February next year. Probably one week with wife and kids,  Not an avid snowboarder, so decent all round slopes are necessary! I want to stay close to the lifts.... Also need a great place for the children (10 and 13) to unwind and meet lots of friendsSpent some time the last few winters near Austria... but is pricey and far away. Basic accomodations are fine... nothing fancy good food options in restourants our preference,perhaps even an apartment? Never been to a Club Med. Anybody been and can recommned? Looking to France and Italy ? I hear the Dolomites are great but where to start looking?

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Any fellow boaters out there I've put some pics on this site of last summer en Charente: http://community.webshots.com/user/angeladarlington Best wishes Angela http://www.myspace.com/chewtheroots

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Looking for surfers interested in seeking out waves from Paris, share expenses. Weekends. Experienced California surfer, since '66, HB. Lee Lee Graham

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Looking for yoga lessons in down town Paris. Don't want to join a gym, I only like yoga!

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what time will this be showing? and which channel?

started by: rebeccar-75633 · last update: 1201595131 · posted: 1200549629

Does anyone know of any english speaking health and fitness clubs in the paris area? I'm currently searching for jobs in the fitness/sport industry where they would accept an English candidate with American qualifications....any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and I hope to become a regular part to the forums having just joined the site!

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