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Does anyone know of any english speaking health and fitness clubs in the paris area? I'm currently searching for jobs in the fitness/sport industry where they would accept an English candidate with American qualifications....any info would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks and I hope to become a regular part to the forums having just joined the site!

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How much do other people pay for their gym memberships here? I have been quoted 800 euros a year and that seems a little steep to me...!

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Is there any truth in the rumour that Bryan Habana will be moving to Paris to play rugby for the Stade Francaise?

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1199817534 · posted: 1199530463

terrible loss to the participants and fans and to all those who have businesses that centre on the rally does anyone know if the transafrican rally will still be taking place?

started by: phyllis-72686 · last update: 1199547724 · posted: 1198755527

where can i find an online guide to the Paris school holidays - would like to go away before everyone else does this year

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Is there anywhere in Paris I can practice skiing before hitting the slopes later this season? I am a total amateur! steph

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Does anyone know where the club is moving to?

started by: davor-72240 · last update: 1197557941 · posted: 1197481958

the best early season snow in the alps in some 11 year - any ideas as to where to book for feb - wish i could get there sooner - but too much work i am afraid

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Is anywhere in Paris showing the Hatton v Mayweather fight on Saturday night?Thanks

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Ok, got the blades but before rolling off into the Seine when I realise I can't stop does anyone have some good suggestions / experience of lessons in Paris? Preferably free! Lol

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http://paris.angloinfo.com/information/wfdetail.asp?CCID=287 Good to see that some good New York habits are being picked up in Paris! (Makes a good end of year present to self/to a dear friend/lover...)

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Recently began to get into this - anyone know of a good shop with a decent range of scrapbooking items? Have car can travel out of Paris is need be.

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Would anybody be interested in training with me for the marathon? I'm not running it for a time, I just want to finish the race and I am extremely determined to do so. Just let me know if you are interested.

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are there any vacancies in your football teams or can anyone advise on how can I find and join an amateur football team? I live in 17th arr.

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Congratulations to Paris Gaels Ladies team who clinched their first ever European Championship title last Saturday in Barcelona. Eileen Jennings - the team captain - also won the 'Most Valuable Player' award at the tournament.

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I can't remember how to say this sport in English after living here so long but I would really like to give it a go. Does anyone know where I can practice the sport here in Paris? steph

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Calling on all Golfers Paris Golfers are organising a golf day out on the 27th of October for 30 or so golfers at the prestigious Clement Ader golf course. It will be a simple and fun day out with no frills, so don’t expect to win any prizes! We will ensure a light buffet with the odd beverage or two- all at a very special price, thanks to Clement Ader’s owner, Tom O’Driscoll. Transport to and from the course is provided should you require. By offering a central point of contact, Paris Golfers organizes event and transport to a wide range of high-quality golf courses, all within easy reach of central Paris. All levels of golfers are welcome, particularly beginners. Open to all Golfers. For further details, contact us by e-mail: info@parisgolfers.com

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what when and where - any ideas anyone?

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The trains are starting to sport the logo, the sports shops are stocking up, the newspapers are examining each player and his record; the Gare du Nord has a series of larger than life cut outs playing rugby up and down the platforms - roll on September!

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I am ropeable! We had paid 300 euros for tickets to the 3rd and 4th play-offs and couldn't get there. After several attempts - 1st attempt - RER B(no trains due to strikes) RER C(no train due to strikes) driving in(traffic was backed up and wasn't moving) What a joke for a country hosting the World Cup. No substitute buses were put on. Frankly I am glad France lost! Former French supporter.

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