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Ok I've missed the summer season but does anybody waterski near paris? Info on a good club, or somebody with their own boat wanting to ski through the winter? Lol

started by: sue-75139 · last update: 1192522295 · posted: 1192227674

I am looking for a friendly place to take horse back riding lessons for adult beginners. I live in the western suburbs and therefore am looking in that direction. English would be best, but not absolutely necessary. I have tried 2 stables, Bailly and Marley le Roi and have been less than satisfied, the people have not been very friendly. I would like to enjoy the sport!

started by: lindz-74604 · last update: 1192522033 · posted: 1192442426

I am thinking of investing in an electric bike after seeing a documentary on them last night. Does anyone else have one and what is your opinion? They are very eco-friendly but what are the down sides?

started by: turnpet-75030 · last update: 1192439340 · posted: 1192318256

Silly question...anyone got any spare rugby final tickets or know some aussies, new zealanders or even French who want to gat rid of theirs

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1191942881 · posted: 1191689924

WHAT a match, at last they looked and played like the world champions - incredible stuff...can France do the same tonight?

started by: rail · last update: 1191425291 · posted: 1191248576

It's official the best boot in the Cup belons to our man Percy - he is the RWC 2007's top scorer! Have therefore decided to hang a SA flag from the railings of my apartment in his honour - go Bokke go!

started by: newby-73984 · last update: 1191257907 · posted: 1190114096

Sunday, seemed to be a women's event.

started by: CaliforniaGirl-73372 · last update: 1191234000 · posted: 1190469224

Right, I know nothing about this sport, but the fans tell a story all of their own; the smaller green ones seem to support the Irish, the medium sized one support the Australians, the large green one's seem to be South African; the ones in white, carrying large plastic roses seem to support England (soem of these are even dresses as the queen and carry cardboard cut out corgies around with them too (!)); the Argentinian supporters look as if they would be less out of place playing polo and the French look bewildered because LaCoste or Hermes have not bought a line of rugby supporters gear out...

started by: peter-72241 · last update: 1191228842 · posted: 1191093314

WHAT a fantastic game - wonderful running rugby, very watchable and very exciting - Fiji, Samoa, Tonga - what wonderful moments of fun you have given us all!

started by: jane_normandy-75052 · last update: 1191065986 · posted: 1190848012

hi! we're visiting paris for a weekend from normandy and i wonder if anyone knows a good couscous restaurant in this area of paris? we're staying on the rue monge. somewhere unfussy preferably and also suitable for vegetarians. would prefer to be able to walk from the hotel. thanks in advance jane

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1191055731 · posted: 1191055532

What a cracker of a game - the Tongans certainly produce some fantastic rugby, as proved last night at the parc des princes and against the boks; England through to the last eight! Found a great site via the BBC sport website with some amazing shots of fans from all over the world: http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/rugbyworldcup/2007/09/england_ratings_v_tonga.html

started by: fallon-73448 · last update: 1190626222 · posted: 1190626222

I have a spare pair of tickets for England vs. Tonga on the 28th September. Kick-off 9pm at the Parc des Princes in the 16th. Selling for face value of €105 each. Available singly or as a pair. Please email mark.larkin@wanadoo.fr

started by: paddy-74720 · last update: 1190498420 · posted: 1190276225

Where will you be watching?

started by: wayne-74614 · last update: 1190492672 · posted: 1183810347

I heard the Tour de France is starting this year in London. Seems bizarre! Is this for any particular reason?

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After seeing that the Barclays Super League Final was on in Chantilly - it was advertised on this site's What's On section, myself and the family headed over there last Sunday - super time had by all. Great weather and setting and some VERY good cicket - does anyone know where I can get more info regarding this Cricket Club and the Polo Club in which it is situated? PS Northerns won the 40 over game ahead of PUC.

started by: newby-73984 · last update: 1190304241 · posted: 1190298619

Do they exist, if so, where to look?

started by: lindz-74604 · last update: 1190027948 · posted: 1189758239

Any suggestions for somewhere with great atmosphere to see the game tonight? An English bar for example? All information greatfully received!

started by: peter-72241 · last update: 1189425442 · posted: 1189259032

What a disappointinf performance from the Blues; not that the Argentinian's did not play well, but the French team seemed to be stuck...

started by: anna2-74619 · last update: 1188917546 · posted: 1188897894

Should we be keeping our eye out for any acts of hooliganism from rugby fans over the next few weeks or are rugby supporters generally more peaceful than footy fans?

started by: Karmen-74856 · last update: 1188589019 · posted: 1187084716

I'm new here with only very basic level French but I'm missing my Yoga. There's a class just around the corner from me, I can see them through the window and I'm desperate to join in but how will I know what to do. Can someone with nearly no French do a Yoga class in French? Or will I spoil it for the class?

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