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Trying to book hotel rooms for colleagues on the same day as the Boks play in Paris and IS Paris EVER full - nada anywhere - even the classy places are chockers! Word to the wise, if your are coming over for any of the games, get your hotel sorted out soon or you will be at the end of an RER line in the sticks...

started by: lindz-74604 · last update: 1186476145 · posted: 1186390633

Although I think Velolib is a great idea, the machines are pretty tricky to use....plus there are often no bikes available...seems a shame to me!

started by: anna2-74619 · last update: 1185396467 · posted: 1184837593

Hurrah! Paris Plage starts today! I was driving past the area last night and saw potted palm trees being installed! One could almost be mistaken for thinking this was the Med!

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Is it true that Brits ar eallowed to hire a boat without a licence whereas the French need to have one? My French friend told me this and I am not sure whether I beleive him!

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I am thinking of going to an Agritourism with my girfriend for a week in August if it isn't too late to book! Does anyone have any recomendations or favourite towns to suggest to me?

started by: saffy-74603 · last update: 1184005423 · posted: 1183810600

Looking for a good sports bar in which to watch the tennis ladies final today. Any suggestions?

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1183817556 · posted: 1183800799

Don't forget: Australia v S Africa at 12:00 TODAY!

started by: lindz-74604 · last update: 1183810481 · posted: 1182416306

I would love to join a kickboxing class after being a enthusiastic member of the kickboxing society at Leeds University! I don't want to compete in matches just go to training as it is a great all round work out. Let me know if you have heard of anything!

started by: wayne-74614 · last update: 1183810408 · posted: 1183810408

Just wanted to say how happy I was yesterday to see two French tennis stars do so well at Wimbledon. Good luck Bartoli today against Williams!

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i beleive that there is a floating pool on the seine - does anyone know where it is?

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1183458212 · posted: 1183196604

Now that Tony Parker and Yoachim Noah (drafted to the Chicago Bulls this week) are both playing top flight basketball in the US - is France likely to have a decent Olympic team?

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I'm wondering about golf ettiquette (sp?) on the courses in and around Paris. It's a couple of years since I've played, but I'm wondering if you can wear shorts (and if so, can you wear short socks or do you need  long ones?), if you can wear spikes or need to wear rubber multistuds, if you replace your divots or fill the holes with sand/dirt, and so on. I fancy a round (and the vague chance of breaking a hundred) but don't want to do the Wrong Thing. Any help appreciated! (I think my clubs may be rusty - out with the wire wool...)

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ouccchhhh the french got hammered this am; will the boks repeat their annihilation of the english? Will be in front of the telly this pm!

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Looking for somewhere where the better half will not be bored stuff while I shuttle from stadium to stadium and from stadium to television screen and back. Recommendations?

started by: dave-72400 · last update: 1178209290 · posted: 1178047991

noticed this on the what's on and went out for the day - great time was had by the wold family! does anyone know where to find out about more fixtures at this club?

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Does anyone know where I can buy some table tennis raquets and balls in Paris? Thanks

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So, who is running the Paris Marathon this Sunday??? Should be a great day - good weather and of course running in Paris, what more could you ask for....... other than to get over the finish line!!!!! Good luck to all other runners

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Where can I find info regarding the screening of this event on French television?

started by: lola-72462 · last update: 1175162344 · posted: 1172392559

belated actioning of new year's resolution - any recommendations re good classes central paris?

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So anybody willing to wager an outcome? France to play Wales and Ireland to face England at Twickenham. If France beat Wales in the second of this coming Saturday's games, Ireland would have to defeat England by at least 30 points to stand a chance of taking the title. If the French lose, all Ireland would have to do is win at Twickenham, although a defeat for France would also open the door for England and Scotland. But will the English not beat the Irish ? and then by how much to cause concern for France. If England lose and both Scotland and Wales win, the English team will slip to a lowly fifth in the table. Aller le Bleu!

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